It seems like a waste of time writing for others when focusing on your blog, and improving its traffic is the priority. However, guest posting remains a tried and trusted method of improving SEO in the digital marketing dynamics.

There are several reasons why guest posting remains a perfect method to improve a website’s SEO.

  • 60% of blogs write 1-5 guest posts per month.
  • 76% of editors plan to publish 1-10 guest posts per week.

These stats speak a lot about the power of guest blogging. Several reasons support the evergreen popularity of guest posting.

Increases backlinks

Increasing the number of backlinks to the website is one of the foremost reasons people opt for guest posting. When you pitch some other website that accepts guest posts, they place a link back to your website for the content you provide to them. In other words, they place a link that redirects their user to your website. As a result, they get valuable content, and you get a backlink- a win-win situation for both.

Backlinks act as a vote of confidence from one website to other. It is similar to a brand collaborating with another and suggesting its audience to try their products. If several websites refer to one website, the search engines consider that the website is worth reading (Just like the candidate with more votes wins the elections). Hence, it improves SEO, and the website appears higher in the SERPs.

Guest posting is one of the old-school and credible methods of increasing backlinks to a website. Also, guest posting helps in generating contextual backlinks that are very beneficial for SEO.

However, one should always pitch websites with a similar niche for good results. There’s no benefit in requesting a pet care website for a guest post for your garage’s website. A few such backlinks are okay. But if you continue to do the same, search engines consider it as spamming.

If you get backlinks from the same niche websites, you will build good relationships, better ranking on search engines, which can help you grow your business.

One crucial tip: Many websites indulge in selling backlinks. Unfortunately, they have many buyers as well. For the longevity of your website’s SEO, never indulge in this practice. This is a perfect way to get your site banned as it is against Google’s policies. But do not worry! Not all paid links are against the guidelines. When sold or purchased for advertising purposes and not for manipulation of search results, paid links are okay. It is necessary to give proper designation and attribution to such links.

rel=“nofollow” or rel=“sponsored” attribute should be added to the anchor tag.

Improved website traffic

Guest posting is an excellent method to increase the number of visitors to your website. Whether you provide guest posts to other websites or accept for your own, you will be benefitted. However, the content must be engaging and valuable for the reader. Good content always generates traffic.

If you allow guest posting to your website, you may find writers who provide unique content according to your niche that helps you improve your position in SERPs. The higher you appear on the SERPs, the more you gather traffic to your website.

On the other hand, if you write valuable and high-quality content for some other websites, you will receive backlinks that undoubtedly improve your website’s SEO. Other than this, if you receive a backlink, it redirects the user to your website. The user can be directed to the homepage, service page or any other.

However, this completely depends on the owner of the website that is accepting the guest posts. Some websites have clear guest posting guidelines. They clarify the type of content they want, how they want it, and what they will provide in return.

Some websites clearly mention that they won’t provide any backlink in return for the guest posts. Some ask for money to provide the backlink. While some just want high-quality content for their website and if they like it, they post on their website and provide do-follow backlinks in return.

Build relationships in the same niche

There was a time when the major motive behind guest posting was generating a backlink only. Businesses used to find two-three authority domains related to their niche and then pitch them for the guest posts. Therefore, there was a massive influx of low-quality content over the internet as everyone was just focusing on increasing the number of backlinks to their websites.

However, they ignored some significant benefits of guest posting. Out of those, one is that it helps you build strong relationships within your industry. When you approach the websites in your niche and provide them with great content, you build a rapport with them. You help them with their brand and get their help for yours.

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Improves domain authority

If you are new to the business and started with a new website, you will have low domain authority. The best possible method to improve it is to approach websites with higher DA. When you continuously write for authority domains, your content gets recognition, and gradually, you are seen as an expert in your industry.

Whenever you search for anything on Google or any other search engine, most of the results appearing on the first page are of authority domains having high DA. Use this free chrome extension by Uberuggest, and you will see the DA (domain authority) of different websites. Not many people jump to the second page. Therefore, the ones on the first page attract most of the traffic.

When you provide content to them, it is read by a vast audience that helps in improving your website’s authority as well. However, it is crucial that you get a backlink from them. If they mention your name or your brand’s name only, you may get famous in your industry, but search engines’ algorithm works differently. They consider backlink as a vote of trust.

Relevant content (SEO)

Enhances your portfolio

If you are a young and passionate content writer, you must approach the websites that accept guest post contributions. Indeed, it is a great way to improve your portfolio as a content writer. You get recognition, and the industry people know you better.

It greatly improves your writing skills as the submission guidelines for different websites are very tough and they look for high-quality content for their websites. You will have no choice but to focus on minute details related to grammar, as well as research.

To get the posts clear the gates of the editors is not everyone’s cup of tea. But guest posting is all about being consistent and patient. Slowly and gradually, one learns the required skills and everything becomes practicable.

Even if you do not plan to start your own business, guest posting will benefit you. As a content writer, your chances of getting hired will improve immensely. You will have a solid portfolio to display.

When it comes to content creation, only a few websites entertain newbies and mostly, experienced and skilled people are preferred. When businesses see that the contributor has provided valuable content to several authority websites, they don’t spend much time reverting to their mails on time.

An excellent tactic for inbound marketing

Neil Patel, one of the big giants of SEO, says, “I’ve tried many different inbound marketing strategies, but guest blogging has remained my most treasured tool.”

Websites accept guests posts because they receive valuable content. They filter the content useful to them and post only those required. Undoubtedly, content marketing takes time to show results. But if you have high-quality content, then it will help you reach where you want to.

In his blog, Neil Patel suggests that if we make it possible to research good topics and generate engaging content, we will succeed.

Improves brand awareness and rankings

Businesses grow with networking. Those who have a strong network have more chances to grow and they keep their doors open to opportunities. It helps in improving brand awareness. Guest posting and receiving backlinks are similar to networking. We network with those working in the same niche.

However, relevancy is essential. If you approach those similar to your industry, you automatically approach your potential customers as well. Also, the more relevant backlinks you have for your website, the better it will perform in the SERPs.

As mentioned earlier, the initial journey is difficult. You may receive many rejections from various websites for your guest posts. However, when you work consistently and have little wins, your chances of going for the bigger one improves immensely.


To conclude, the websites must adopt guest posting to rank higher in the SERPs. Though it is a tedious task and requires much patience, the results are fruitful. Every business website, especially the newbies, must opt for guest posting as there are so many benefits to it. Also, if we talk about the long term benefits, good quality content shows up in the searches. Guest posting is a fantastic tool for content marketing. The results are not visible in a day, but they stay for a long period of time when they are.