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Our experience of more than 10 years supports us

A small team with a great spirit

We, a group of hardworking and talented friends, came together and concluded that they had seen enough and done enough. Each of us had an experience of a decade or more.

In 2009, we started our internet adventure with different projects of our own. Later we created Tabscap with the aim of helping entrepreneurs like you to grow their business on the internet.

Currently, our team is made up of various professional profiles from all areas of marketing, with 6 members being part of the company's day to day.

We are Indian, independent and smiling.


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We don't look for clicks, we get sales

TabScap takes on the challenge of connecting companies with their consumers in a way that meets their expectations. The essential role of TabScap is to provide the buyer with what he really wants, and that our customer can provide. These values combine in our DNA, therefore, the orientation towards efficiency, measurable results, and the design of marketing strategies aligned with the objectives of our clients.

Every business with an Internet presence must respond to the digital marketing needs that the current market demands. For this reason, we fully focus on content quality, visibility and user experience.

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Reasons You Should Call Us
You will have real-time access to progress reports so that you are always aware of your profitability indicators and visibility growth.
We guarantee the results. We will refund the money if you do not get more visibility and more qualified contacts in the first 3 months.
Qualified Leads

Target only those who will actually buy your products or services.

Free Audit

Yes, we offer a free audit of your website on various parameters.

Improved CAC

Measure, control & monitor every aspect of your business.