Reading was pretty common some years back. It still is, but today people want to save time, and honestly speaking, reading requires time and effort from a person. And after a tiring day at work, most people don’t have the motivation to read a book. Even if they find the courage to do it, it is difficult for them to understand what they’re reading.

Better ways of consuming content are available in the present times. A way that many people prefer is a podcast. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular because of their ability to offer information without much effort from a user. Today’s generation avoids things that require effort and prefer their simpler counterparts.

The trend of podcasts is growing. Many popular websites are using their power well to their advantage. Some websites are entirely podcast-based, and they drive high traffic. Some popular platforms for listening to podcasts are Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Audible.

Businesses that are realizing the power of podcasts are reaping excellent results. After reading this blog, you’ll be able to determine if podcast marketing is right for you or not.

It is time to know how your business can soar to great heights using this latest marketing tactic.

Let’s begin.

Low Investment On Equipment

The first point in the list is that podcast marketing is a low-cost marketing tactic. You don’t have to invest money in buying premium tools and time for learning this tactic. All you have to buy is some equipment- a mic and headphones.

Other than these two things, there is no other type of investment. You will have to learn about the software, but that’s not too hard. If you don’t want to do it, you can always get it done by a professional. It means the businesses that don’t have much budget can start this marketing tactic.

Easier To Do Than Video Marketing

Video marketing can be costly because of the money you have to invest in equipment and your expertise in using editing applications. Moreover, the video editing applications are paid and difficult to understand for a newbie.

You may even need an entire team to carry out the different aspects of video marketing. But for podcast marketing, things are entirely different. You can do it alone. Many people who run popular podcasts do all the things themselves.  

In video marketing, you constantly have to look at a screen. For podcast marketing, you can close your eyes or do some important work and get information. This is a fantastic quality that separates it from other marketing channels.

Connect On A Personal Level

People feel something different when they hear the voice of a business they’ve been shopping from. Most companies these days are too focused on coming off as professional that they’ve forgotten the very essence of being human.

People want their favorite brands to communicate with them. Using an authoritative person’s voice from a company is the best way to capitalize on this opportunity. As a new business online, we recommend you focus on podcasts from the beginning because building a solid base will help you easily scale it in the future.

Share Information With Targeted Audience

When you have expertise in some subject, you can start sharing it through podcasts. But what if your website is not popular? There is a simple solution to it. You can contact people with authority in your niche.

When you reach out to others and tell them that you have expertise in something, they’re more likely to do a podcast with you. When you collaborate with someone significant, your information will directly be shared with their audience. You can benefit from this because their audience will trust you.

Collaborating will help you create good relationships with people in your niche. And when you have good relationships, you can benefit from it because you won’t know when you’d need someone’s help. You’ll also be able to drive podcast listeners to your website.

You Can Use Old Content Of Your Website

There may be some content on your website that didn’t perform as well as you expected. But that doesn’t mean the content was poor. Many reasons like a lack of SEO, no CTAs could’ve been responsible for it. Whatever the reason may have been, we assure you can use the old content on your website to your advantage.

Using the old content on your website to your advantage is known as content repurposing. It is a common method practised by most online businesses. People won’t feel you’re showing them the same thing repeatedly because your business may have gained more followers since you first posted. Moreover, podcasts are always fresh and different from other forms of content.

When you create a podcast, you share that information with new people in a different way because it is pretty common to get new and better ideas about something you created a while back. If a podcast’s content is valuable, people will share it with others.

You Can Answer Peoples’ Questions

After you’ve become somewhat successful using podcasts, it is time to start answering peoples’ questions. Don’t answer the questions through a social media post. While doing it is not bad, we want you to succeed with podcasts, so we recommend you answer the questions using them.

If you think you can create a short podcast answering three to four questions, we want to tell you that don’t do it. A two to three minute podcast is not enough to achieve success with podcasts. You require at least a 10-minute podcast. And for that to happen in a Q & A one, you’ll need to have a lot of questions.

If not your other podcasts, people will definitely listen to Q & A ones. That’s because they’ll get answers to all their questions about your products and services. And when you provide people with answers, they’re more likely to convert into customers.

People From Your Company Can Participate

Do you know the people from your company can also participate in podcasts? We’re sure you didn’t think of this point when reading about podcast marketing. But it is true. Your business will benefit a lot from it.

The people in your company possess different skills, which a lot of people can benefit from. They may not feel confident coming in front of a camera. In such situations, podcasts are perfect for extracting knowledge from them and providing it to your audience.

Many businesses are not using their team’s knowledge. But those using it are getting excellent results because it shows the audience that you care about your team and make them feel valued by bringing them into the spotlight.     

So, if you have a writer or an SEO expert in your team, we highly recommend you bring them to your podcast and offer people valuable information.

You Can Convert Podcast’s Content To Other Forms Of Content

In one of the above points, we talked about content repurposing and how you can convert your website’s old content into podcasts. In this point, we’ll tell you how you can use the podcast’s content for creating other forms of content. Believe us; you can create excellent content from podcasts.

You can create blogs, infographics and video content from the information you get from the guests you invite to podcasts. You cannot know everything about something. There is always room to learn. And if you can, we highly encourage you to do it.


Podcasts are the future. The sooner you realize it, the better it is for your business because people are already using it. So, we recommend you start or consider it for your business from today. We’re sure you’ll know why we were stressing so much on them once you start using them.

In this blog, we shared 8 reasons why you should focus on Podcast marketing. These reasons will give a push to you so that you can keep up with the competition in the future.