We feel we don’t have to tell you the importance of social media in today’s world. It’s because everyone you see around is on one or the other social media platform. Even if someone doesn’t know how to do anything on the internet, they’ll surely know how to use social media.

With so many people knowing about social media, it has become essential for businesses to engage with users over this medium. But how exactly can they engage? User engagement is done using content. Content offers value, and when businesses on social media provide value, people are more likely to trust them.

Now that you know content is vital on social media, it is time to know which content to post. Ten main types of content bring the best results. We’ll be discussing all 10 in this blog.

Let’s begin.

Educational Content

People love when pages on social media teach them something. You can put yourself in this situation and observe that when you learn something new, you’re more likely to follow the page which taught you.

If you’re looking to grow on social media, you really have to start using educational content. If you’re confused about what comes under educational content, you can tell tips and tricks about your products and services. You can also share information about your company, updates, and the industry's insights that regular people won’t know.


Quizzes are a pretty common type of content, and it engages with users in an amazing way. It can work for any business niche. But it works best when you offer some products or services for kids. They’ll more likely engage with quizzes is because they get plenty of them in their classrooms.

Famous automobile companies like Audi, Mercedes & others have also posted quizzes several times on their social media pages. Quizzes perform well because people who know the answer want to tell it and get appreciation from the company that posted it. Whatever is the reason for answering quizzes, it is a guarantee that they are good content.


An audience has a major role in making an online business successful. Many times, brands have to create content or take decisions based on what users want. Some years back, when social media was in its initial stages, businesses had to ask audiences’ opinions, and they got the answers in comments. Checking each comment was time-consuming.

A new method that eased this process was Polls. Polls allow brands to provide two to three options for a question. The audience has to choose between them. With the help of polls, brands can see the percentage and take decisions based on that.

We highly recommend you start using polls on your social media handles. It will help you in two ways- help you decide and let the audience know you care for them.


You may have seen how YouTubers do giveaways from time to time. Famous tech YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss did a giveaway on the launch of the iPhone 13. Many participated in it, and some won.

But what can you learn from it? 

The lesson is that you should also start doing giveaways from time to time. They help you build credibility & trust. Newer businesses can benefit from it because initially, they will have a hard time telling people that they’re not a scam. Rather than spending money on other forms of advertising, we recommend you consider giveaways.

And if you want to do a giveaway of some of your product or service, make sure the participation process is easy, meaning you don’t ask too many personal details from a person, or else they’ll think you’ll steal their information.


Yes, testimonials are a content type that you can post on your social media handles. It is because they let other people know that someone has already bought something from you. We’ve highlighted in several blogs that it is difficult for brands to build users’ trust because of the many fake brands these days.

When we say that you can post testimonials on your Instagram or Facebook, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t encourage users to leave them on Google My Business (GMB). While GMB will help improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), reviews on social media will help make you a trusted business.

Moreover, the person’s testimonial you’ll be posting will definitely like and comment. They’ll also tell their friends and family that a brand (you) featured them, meaning you’ll get better engagement. Testimonials can also be used when you’ve run out of content ideas because there is minimal content you have to write for testimonials.


Instead of writing content for articles, blogs & social media, many people are shifting to infographics these days. Infographics, as the name suggests, are graphics (pictures) containing information. It has been proven in several studies that humans are visual beings and grasp the most information visually. Infographics are an excellent use of this human psychology.

We highly recommend you start using them. And when you do, make sure to keep two to three colors. Anything more than that will distract your audience. After some time of using infographics, we guarantee that you’ll observe a significant boost in engagement, likes, and followers.

Q & A Sessions

If you’ve done everything well, your audience would like to ask you some questions about your company, products, and services. Many brands, even major ones, never conduct a Question & Answer session. They don’t realize it at that time, but this damages their growth.

You may have seen YouTubers do it on their social media handles. The Q & A is usually about their personal lives and problems people face, which they can’t get answers to. We feel these sessions are an excellent way to connect with your audience on a personal level and let them know that you have a human side.

You can do Q & A sessions from time to time, usually when you reach some milestone. Make sure you don’t do it too often because then your audience might think that’s all you do and don’t have anything valuable to offer for them.

Memes & Funny Reels

You’ve been offering amazing regular content to your users, but still, the engagement is not what you expected. It could be because you’re missing a dose of entertainment. This is a vital point that many businesses fail to inculcate in their social media strategy.

If you want to succeed, start entertaining your users because no one likes information all the time. These days, memes are becoming increasingly popular as one can laugh seeing a funny meme. Another way to entertain is by uploading interesting and funny reels. Reels are of utmost importance on Instagram.

There is no end to things you can use for entertainment. Anything interesting apart from your regular content comes under entertainment. So, make sure your feed is a mixture of informational and entertaining content.

Promotional Content

Remember why you built your account on social media in the first place. It was because you wanted your business to reach more people in the hopes of getting more traffic and sales. So, don’t drift away from that goal while focusing on everything else.

You have to post promotional content regularly. Beware, you don’t only want to post the promotional content. Doing so will damage your social media presence. You can provide your product’s details, clear users’ doubts, and showcase reviews.

Also, you can have offers from time to time. We all know how hard it is to resist offers.


Social media is all about interacting with users and other pages. It’s because you can’t become extremely successful if you don’t share ideas with others. These days, it has become pretty common for two or more famous brands to come together and create something for users.

You also have to start focusing on which brands and businesses you can collaborate with. Once you do a collab, you’ll get more engagement, followers and understand the market in depth. Moreover, other influencers will notice your brand and may approach you for a collaboration.


Many new businesses often ignore content on social media. That’s the worst mistake they can make. Content has to be at the core of their social media strategy. They can share all the fancy pictures they want, but users will eventually know that they don’t have anything to offer if there's no value in them.

You can read a lot about the value of creating a content calendar. It is useful and helps businesses know what they have to post. If you don’t have one, there is a high probability that you might become irregular, which is the last thing you want if you’re looking to become successful on social media.

The 10 types of content ideas we shared in this blog will surely help you never run out of ideas and constantly offer valuable content to your social media followers.