Snapchat is a social media platform that started 10 years ago. Since its inception, people knew they were using a platform that was different from others. Similar platforms at that time were Facebook and Instagram.

A lot has changed from 2011 to 2021. Now, Snapchat has become a go-to platform for the younger audience and millennials. It appeals to the young age group because of its many filters and other features that let them stay connected with their friends.

Many people use Snapchat for passing time which has created an impression in people’s minds that this platform is limited only to entertainment. But what most people don’t realize is that it can be used for marketing purposes and can benefit businesses in many ways. Some that do are getting fantastic results in the form of increased conversion rates.

So, if you’re a business and want to use one more social media channel to increase the chances of your business becoming successful, you have to know about the benefits of Snapchat for businesses.

Let’s start with the benefits.

Less Competition

The number one benefit of Snapchat is that it doesn’t have a lot of competition. It is because a majority of businesses like you don’t know they can use the platform. They think it is only for fun. But that is far from reality.  

In the present times, anything that can be used for entertainment can also be used for marketing. It is because, today, the way businesses showcase themselves has changed. Some years back, they displayed themselves as the know-it-all types. But now, they’re moving towards building relationships with people.

It is impossible to succeed if you don’t connect with people on a personal level. You may have noticed how big brands like Nike, Red Bull, Apple, and many others aim to connect with people, not through their products but their stories.

Stories That Can Be Viewed Once

On Snapchat, you can share stories that can be viewed only once. People who use this app may be familiar with this feature, but businesses surely won’t. The good news is that companies can use even this feature in a fantastic way.

Businesses can use this feature and create a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) effect in the minds of their audience. And the thing is, most people don’t want to miss out on things that are present for a limited time.

You can know how this feature can work by thinking when you heard about a sale in a local shop that would only be there for one day. Remember how so many people gathered at the place to not miss out on the sale. That’s how powerful this feature can be if businesses use it correctly.

Snap Map

When you click a picture in Snapchat and are about to post it, you’ll see a checkbox that you can select that would make your image appear in the Snap Map. Now, what is Snap Map?

Snap Map is exactly what it sounds like. It is the map that shows snaps (images) in an area. When you click on the location button at the bottom, you can see the map zoomed in on your city. There, you can find snaps from your friends and also from other people. You can zoom out and view snaps from anywhere in the world.

Snap Map is an excellent feature that you, as a business, must absolutely use. So, the next time you post anything about your business or any offer, make sure to share it on the Snap Map. That way, people in your area will be able to view your business, ensuring more people know about you.


Snapchat is known for its many filters that use Augmented Reality (AR). They can add or remove things on your face using this technology. Some common filters are adding a beard or making someone bald. These filters look so real that one cannot differentiate between reality and technology.

Apart from these filters, other filters simply have text written over them. It could be the date, day, or some quote. Anyone can create such filters. Even your business can and let other people try it. But how will others know about your filter?

Here comes the main part of this point. People will know about the filter you created using the Geofilter feature. The Geofilter feature works using Geofencing technology. Geofencing technology is when companies can send messages or notifications to people within a certain distance of the business.

So, when people have the location turned on, the filters they see will be a mix of the global and local ones. Global will be shown to all but local will be shown only to people in that location. Geofilters ensure that the local people see your filter and, in turn, know about you. We recommend every business tries their hands at filters. And don’t worry, you can create them easily.

A Visual Platform

Snapchat’s goal from the beginning was to be a visual platform. For that reason, all you’ll see on this platform will be photos and videos. There is minimal text, which is a relief for people who love consuming content through visuals.

Now, this quality of Snapchat is beneficial for businesses that have a focus on visuals. The companies that have a niche in Art, Graphics, Logos can benefit from Snapchat. That’s because they’re already uploading images and videos on other social media platforms.

Snapchat is also a good platform for companies that don’t like writing long texts as descriptions. We know it can become tiring when you don’t like writing or can’t afford to hire a writer. So, save money and choose Snapchat for marketing as it can give a high Return on Investment (ROI) than Facebook and Instagram.

Visual Customer Testimonials

You may know how vital testimonials are for businesses these days. In the time of fake and scam businesses, you have to give proof to people that you’re genuine. And it can only happen when other people approve of you.

Knowing how crucial testimonials are, many businesses started getting fake reviews. But soon, people realized it, and now they don’t easily believe written reviews.

So, how can businesses build trust?

They can do it using visual mediums like photos and videos. Visual mediums work because when people see other people appreciating your products and services, they’re more likely to believe you. Also, there is a slim chance that companies can force a person to say something good about their products and services.

Getting testimonials from people is not that hard. You just have to ask them to tell others what they like about your brand honestly. A push is always needed to tell users what to do after the purchase (also known as CTA). Our blog, where we talked about the Call-to-action (CTA), will help you know it in more detail.

Snapchat Shows Your Human Side

Snapchat is a versatile platform that can help your business show its human side. When you use fancy filters and other fun features on the platform, people know that you have humans working behind the scenes. It tells that you’re not ‘too professional’ and are not afraid to experiment.

Most brands these days want to have regular revenue and are satisfied with being at the same place. It stops them from coming out of their comfort zone and trying new things that can potentially lead to more growth.

You can even encourage your employees to try filters and tag your company so that people can have a look at how comfortable your company’s atmosphere is.

You Can Organize Fun Contests

You can organize fun contests on Snapchat. You can tell people to make a certain move or say something. Then, whoever does it in the best way, gets a reward. Everyone loves rewards, and when a new company does this, it creates trust.

You may have seen many people participating in various contests on social media. Some of those contests are organized by brands. Although they start small, once people see how fun they are, they’ll do their version of it.  


Snapchat is a popular platform among the younger generation. But that doesn’t mean other people don’t use it. Even businesses are using it well to their advantage. You can do it too because it’s an easy-to-use platform with many versatile features.

In this blog, we talked about the 8 benefits of Snapchat. After reading this blog, we’re sure you’ll be eager to make the transition from other social media platforms to this platform. And we assure you that you’ll see fantastic results when you put effort into Snapchat.

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