We’ve covered several marketing tactics on our website in the past. Though all of them will help your business in some way, we cannot deny that the root behind all of those tactics is human psychology.

Human psychology is that one thing whoever understands can easily manipulate people and use this knowledge to profit their business. And using it isn’t wrong in any way as people willingly make the purchase decision.

We believe online businesses can really benefit from psychological triggers because they can’t do usual things and expect exceptional results. They need to be separate from the competition and do things that most businesses are not doing.

But, what are the psychological triggers a business can use to up their sales?

To answer this question, we’re creating this blog. This is going to be a very informational blog. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for this fantastic blog.

Let’s begin.


You may have had a sudden urge to buy something on Amazon when you found out the product would be available only for the next 12 hours. That doesn’t only happen with you. It happens with everyone because companies like Amazon know the power of creating scarcity.

When they display on a product’s page that it will be available for a limited time and the clock is ticking, most people are likely to buy that item without even giving much thought as to if they even require it or not.

You can use this tactic as a new business when you launch a new product or service. It will work even better if you launch something that people have never seen before. A simple rule of economics is that when something is scarce, or supply is less than demand, it will have more value, and people will look forward to buying it.


Authority is that magnet that holds people to a company. It is that trust, reliance & expertise one has in a field that stops people from choosing other similar companies. We know it isn’t easy to become an authority in a niche. But when you do become one, the people who’ll buy your service will become your lifetime customers.

Big companies like Apple and Nike have authority in the smartphone and sports gear niche, respectively. Apple launches a new iPhone each year with minor changes. Yet, so many people look forward to what those changes are. And not surprisingly, the sales for the new iPhones always reach an all-time high. It happens because people trust Apple. Over the years, Apple has built trust among the users with their premium quality phones. 

As a business, you must always aim to keep improving to become an authority in a niche. It may take some years but believe us; it will be worth the efforts.

Tell That Your Product/Service Solves A Problem

People won’t buy a product/service if it doesn’t solve their problem. It is the reason why many businesses with excellent products hardly make any sales.

You have to remember that you'll have difficulty becoming a successful business if you don’t highlight the problem and the solution.

Let’s explain this with an example-

Throughout the world, fuel prices are going up. In some countries, the price is through the roof. This is a problem that ordinary people like you and us are facing. A typical company without any knowledge of providing a solution would fail. But some automotive companies took an entirely different route and brought the idea of electric vehicles (Tesla was the first company to implement it). After Tesla, many companies followed suit, and now an electric vehicle revolution is coming.

The idea of electric cars was quite unusual. But it worked. Although still in their early stages, electric cars have a lot of potential.

So, aim to familiarize people with a problem they face daily and offer them your product/service (solution). Companies that do this rarely fail because they’re fulfilling the very purpose of businesses (it is to help people in some way). 

Social Proof

When a new business launches something, people hesitate to buy from it. They fear losing their money because they’re not sure about the product/service. It is common and happens with every new company.

So, how can a new business sell its product/service as a new business?

They need to start working on social proof by getting more reviews and testimonials. If they can, they should increase word-of-mouth. In today’s time, people make entire decisions based on good or bad reviews. We guarantee even you do the same.

Anything that has a majority of two-star reviews will find it difficult to sell. A more than 4-star rating is pretty good and will reflect directly in your sales. You can set up a separate page or a Google My Business (GMB) account to get more reviews. From now on, you must start encouraging customers to write reviews so that you can improve.


When people buy some product/service, many companies fail to create the after-purchase relationship. We feel it is the best way to keep people coming back for me and always choose you.

The businesses that know the value of after-purchase relationships do everything they can to create and strengthen it. The most common tactic they use is they create a community of people who bought the same things. That community serves the purpose of discussing that thing and resolving issues. A community also helps the people in it feel special.

You may have seen some paid programs on the internet that lets you talk with other people who bought the same thing and the main people in the company. It is an excellent way of creating a sense of belonging in customers’ minds. 

Use Statistics

Using statistics is an excellent way to let people know that others are using your products/services and how they’re benefitting from them. Statistics have a link with testimonials because they help give proof to people that other people trust you.

Whenever you’re about to buy something, it is common to see the company write how many people have purchased this product, how many would recommend it to others, and how they’d never choose another company after trying it.

A fake company would never show its stats because it won’t have any. So, when someone displays it on their website, it creates trust among the users. And because of it, they’re more likely to recommend the company to their friends and family.


If you can successfully create curiosity and make people eagerly wait for your products/services, you’ve done things most businesses aren’t doing.

Google created curiosity about Pixel 6 before its launch by displaying it outside its shop in New York. People walking could see the phone but could not hold it in their hands and get its feel. This tactic by Google was an excellent display of creating curiosity. Because of this tactic, everyone talked about how intelligently Google marketed and showed Pixel 6 before launch but didn’t fully let people know the features. Google finally revealed the smartphone on October 19.

So, what can we learn from this?

We can learn the power of showing things partially and making people wait for some time until the launch. You can even do it for your products. When you do this, observe how people across the forums talk about it.

Tell People The Benefits & Not The Features

When you’re selling something, make sure to tell people the benefits they’d get. Talk about the people. But most businesses don’t get it, and all they do is talk about their product’s features. No one is interested to know how many features your products have. If you can’t tell how that product will ease their lives, they’re not going to buy it.

It is a pretty easy-to-implement change. All you have to do is change ‘We’ to ‘You.’ Here are some examples that will let you better understand it:

  • Instead of ‘We provide you 24-hour assistance’, use ‘You can sort your problems at any time of the day.’
  • Instead of ‘We do unlimited revisions’, use ‘You can get as many changes as you want.’
  • Instead of ‘We sell our products at a low price’, use ‘You get amazing product discounts when you buy shop with us.’

These are some examples of how making your customer the hero can positively impact your sales.


Psychology plays a vital role in everything in life. It is so important for businesses to understand how they can use psychology to increase their sales and become successful. But the sad part is, most companies rarely care about it, which is why they fail.

In this blog, we told you about some psychological triggers that you can use. Big companies know the value of these psychological triggers. So, it is wise that you also start using them. Because when you do, you’ll see significant improvements.