Tesla single-handedly brought the electric car revolution. It is because of them that many companies today are manufacturing electric vehicles.

But how can a company alone bring such a drastic change?

It can happen when a company knows what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and the end goal. Tesla has become so famous that a person who doesn’t know about the company may think they heavily invested in marketing because of it being popular. But the truth is, they haven’t invested a single penny on it.

So, how come they achieve such fantastic results?

Some things separate them from most companies you may have come across. What separates them is their way of marketing. Remember, they don’t directly invest in it, but they do other things better than most companies that bring them phenomenal results.

So, let’s start with the 9 marketing lessons you can learn from Tesla.

Focus On Your Products/Services

Tesla has always focused on improving its cars. It is because they know if they don’t, competitors will get ahead of them. The goal of companies must be to provide value to users using their products and services. Sure there are other things that matter, but there is nothing more valuable than the product itself.

Tesla has stuck with the most basic tactic for their company, and it has helped them excel in what they do. You can also start implementing this tactic for your business. We know you may feel the odd one out because most of your competitors won’t do it. But, keep doing it because when you get results, they’ll only get better with time.

Make Customer Experience Simple

Customers love when they don’t have to do so many things that they forget why they started doing something. Tesla has made it a point to keep things simple for their customers. They’ve removed the car dealers so that people don’t waste time and pay unnecessary money to them. No one likes salespeople who’re so in your face that you re-consider whether you want to buy something or not.

Buying a Tesla car is simple. You visit their website and pay for it, similar to how you would on E-commerce websites. There are no hidden charges. You pay what you see on the website.

You can also start using this tactic in your business strategy. Remove any intermediaries and directly communicate with customers. Think from their perspective, and you’ll know which things to include. You must keep the essential parts of your business simple to understand because if they’re complicated, users won’t convert.

Make Sure The CEO Is Engaging

Apart from the many reasons Tesla is successful, the major credit goes to Elon Musk, CEO. He’s so famous worldwide that some people know about him but not about his companies (Tesla, SpaceX).

His tweets always hit the sweet spot at the right time. From Bitcoin’s price going up or Dogecoin gaining momentum from his tweets, he has the power to impact global markets and a vast majority of people. It’s because people trust him and know that whatever he says makes sense.

Most people don’t know about famous companies’ CEOs. It happens because the CEOs don’t have any interest in appearing in front of the world. But we feel it is vital for company leaders to appear more often because it builds trust, and people know that a company is not a scam.

Provide Excellent Customer Support After Purchase

Your relation with your customers doesn’t end after they’re purchased a product or service. It goes way beyond that. Tesla knows it and worked on building charging stations so that people could easily charge the cars.

Tesla identified the problem customers would face and found an effective solution for it. You also have to start focusing on after-purchase relationships with customers. Create an infrastructure keeping customers’ needs in mind.

Apart from the infrastructure, you must also have a dedicated team to clear customers’ queries because it is common for issues to arise after some time of using a product.

Focus On Being Transparent

Tesla is completely transparent with its audience. Whether they have some issues with the cars or some other problems, they tell that their customers. Some businesses think this is a poor strategy as some things must stay hidden, and only the people in a company must know about it.

Transparency has helped Tesla become what it is today. They address the problems when they arise. We recommend you also start doing it because the truth is, not many companies are doing it, and when someone other than a big company does it, it is a pleasant surprise for people.

Some simple ways you can be transparent is by letting people know when you have some production problems or some issues left unchecked by you in the final product. When you address issues, people know that it was an honest mistake and you didn’t make them intentionally.

Keep Your Audience Informed

When you’ve become successful online, it is essential to be at the top. It’s disappointing when other businesses take your place. So, to be at the top, you have to start keeping your customers informed about your company. Tell them the latest updates about your products and services, and future plans.

An audience loves hearing about a company’s plans which they regularly shop from. You can unleash your creative side while keeping them informed. Start using interesting videos that will increase their anticipation. Keeping an audience on the edge is the best way to keep them engaged.

Encourage Word Of Mouth

We have talked about the many marketing methods that a business must use. Despite all of them offering excellent results, we cannot forget the oldest of them all, which is the word of mouth. This marketing tactic is exactly what it sounds like. You let your words do the marketing.

Tesla has used this old marketing method to perfection. They created something that no one ever had. And then they let influential people drive their electric cars. Those influential people then used word of mouth to tell their friends and family how amazing the new concept of electric cars is.

Word of mouth still works because people are more likely to trust other people rather than a brand telling them that they offer high-quality services.

But how exactly can your business use this tactic?

You don’t have to create an electric car for word of mouth marketing to work. You simply have to create something that people are creating, but better. Apart from the product, make sure you encourage people to tell their friends and family about your product or service. Doing this may seem insignificant but just encouraging people to share their opinion can bring amazing results.

Further, you can even have some reward points which people can get once they use word of mouth tactic. There are so many ways you can encourage people. So, start getting creative and see what works for you and your business.

Start Using The Power Of The Internet

No company uses the power of the internet better than Tesla. That’s because you can find everything related to their cars on the website. Other than the website, a user doesn’t have to go to any other resource to get information.

Unlike other car manufacturers, they have removed the salespeople from the middle, which has made it easy for them to showcase everything online. They don’t have to worry about users getting one thing on the website and something entirely different in real.

Businesses that are still thinking about whether shifting their marketing efforts online would be worth the effort or not must seriously consider this point. Everyone from millennials to people in their 50s and 60s is using the internet to buy everyday stuff. If there’s the best time to start your online marketing journey, now is that time.

Keep a Human Side To Your Brand

Too often, companies forget they’re serving real people with their products and services. They get so used to seeing everything online that they stop considering there are real people with real emotions who’d be using their products.

In our opinion, that’s a mistake you must absolutely avoid. Tesla does a great job at being human. They added a feature of “fart noises” in their cars. Can you imagine a massive company does something so different and silly (some consider this feature silly)? But the truth is, it worked for them.

As a business, you have to make it a point to do simple things that you often ignore. Most businesses are not doing it because of coming off as silly. But is being human silly? Of course not.

When you start doing things that you ignored in the past, your brand will suddenly become more relatable.


The reason people give examples of Tesla’s marketing is that they’re never afraid of taking risks. They studied the market and people’s psychology beforehand and then proceeded with their unique tactics.

The reason most companies fail is not because of the lack of ideas and innovation but because of the fear of failing and people mocking them. But did this stop Tesla from succeeding? It definitely didn’t. People might ridicule your idea initially, but when they see potential, they’ll be the first ones to tell everyone how they saw your company growing from zero to hero.

We hope this blog will help you fill the marketing gaps and make you a better and a well-known brand by following in the footsteps of the best.