Imagine you have some question you want to ask or share an experience of your life. But you don’t have anyone with whom you can share your thoughts and feelings with. Some day you discover a platform where you can ask and share anything. Moreover, you can use a pseudonym, so no one knows your real identity.

The platform you came across is Reddit. Although you‘ve found the platform for different reasons, there are many other ways Reddit can benefit businesses.

In this blog, we’ll tell how Reddit can be beneficial for businesses. We feel it is necessary to know about the good points of Reddit for businesses because many people think Reddit is used only for fun. When businesses don’t put any effort in targeting audiences on Reddit, they miss out on a large chunk of the audience.

If your business isn’t progressing, choosing Reddit for your business can be the solution. Remember, you have to be careful doing promotions on Reddit because of the strict rules.

Let’s discuss 9 reasons why Reddit is a great choice for businesses.


The core of Reddit is Subreddits. Without them, large communities won’t exist. If we still imagine Reddit without Subreddits, a mess would be created if different communities start mixing.

Subreddits segregate the different communities, which helps in keeping relevant content within a subreddit.

For businesses, participating in subreddits is easy. They have to answer questions because answering will help them become trusted. And if a company offers excellent services, they will surely be able to write detailed answers. So it won’t be difficult for them to answer users’ questions.

If businesses want to create a subreddit where people can ask and answer questions, they can also do that.

Direct Customer Engagement

If you’re familiar with Reddit, you’ll know how close-knit the community is. It is the people who make what Reddit is today.

Now that you know Reddit is all about people, you’d know that anything you post will directly reach people, and they’ll be the ones you’d interact with the most. It means that as a business, you’d have a chance of converting the Reddit users into customers.

Moreover, when users get immediate answers to their questions, they know that your brand or business cares for them. And invoking trust among users is a sure way to drive them to your website.

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

AMA (Ask Me Anything) can work once you’ve become somewhat famous on Reddit. AMA is exactly what it sounds like. People will ask you questions, and you’d have to answer them. When you’re new on Reddit, you wouldn’t have a large audience engaging with you if you try AMA.

We also highlighted in the previous point how answering questions would help your business become an authority in your niche. AMAs would help more people on Reddit know about your brand. And even if a few people decide to opt for your services, it will take one excellent answer from a user showcasing the good points about your business. That answer could further lead more people to opt for your services.

People on Reddit trust each other because they know most people give genuine advice and don’t mislead others. This quality of Reddit can help your business in getting more leads.


Advertising on Reddit is also possible. We initially said that you have to be cautious while doing self-promotion. But that is when you don’t opt for advertising on the platform. When you opt for advertising, you’re paying to advertise, and you know that Reddit won’t ban you from promoting your services.

Advertising has become necessary these days because of the tough competition. If something helps businesses drive more sales, there’s no harm even if you have to spend some money on it. Because at the end of the day, advertising will bring you some traffic which will eventually help you earn more money.

To know about advertising on Reddit, follow this link.

Profile Page

The profile page is self-explanatory from its name. It is a page where you give information about you or your brand. This page is an opportunity for you to explain your brand in detail and let people know what you offer and how it can benefit them.

You can also answer the most commonly asked questions on your profile. Think of your profile page as an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). When you answer questions, people will know that you’ve put in the time and effort to ease the decision-making process.

Remember not to go into the nitty-gritty of your brand if you’re a new company because initially, most people won’t know about your brand, let alone the minute details about it. So, always answer simple questions that a majority of your audience can understand.

Another thing you have to consider is the language. No, we’re not talking about German, Spanish, or any other language. We’re talking about English. You have to use simple English language because not everyone will understand the technical language you love using. Follow the simple writing practices, like writing short paragraphs and using bullet points (where necessary).

Voting Helps Make Decisions

Ok, so you’ve involved yourself on Reddit by answering, commenting, and upvoting answers. Now is the time to do some analysis. Don’t worry because you don’t have to use complicated tools where it takes a significant time to know what all the technical terms mean.

All you have to do is look at the upvotes and the downvotes. That’s all. We say that because observing them and analyzing why some of your answers have more upvotes than downvotes, and vice-versa will help you identify the reason behind it.

And we don’t have to tell you how crucial it is to analyze the response. When you start analyzing, you’ll come to know there’s something good you do in an answer that gets lots of upvotes. You have to find what that ‘good thing’ is and start making it a part of your answers in the future.

The above information we gave was if you intend to inform people about your product. But what can you do if you have the intention of bringing users to your website so you can sell?

For that, the process remains similar. But what really changes is that in such situations, you have to check whether you promoted your products when you promised to give information. If you tried promoting your product, then the problem is that you didn’t tell users that to users beforehand. Basically, you misled them. And no one likes getting misled.

Comments Tell What People Want

Comments are similar to upvotes because they also tell how users feel about your brand. And we feel comments are a better indicator of which direction your brand is heading into. So, ignoring them won’t do any good for you.

Try observing a pattern. For example- if your product lacks something, most comments will be about it. And then when you know about the problem, you have to address it as soon as possible because you have an audience who’s interested in your product, but they’re not satisfied with what you’re offering. So if you improve your product based on comments and cater to more people, they’d eventually become your loyal customers.

Another thing you have to do with comments is to reply to every single one of them. That’s because you have to show people that you take the time to understand everyone’s concerns. Interaction with customers was not given importance some years back. But now, brands have come to realize that they miss out on many repeat customers without interaction.

Perfectly Optimized for Mobile Devices

Reddit is a platform that’s perfectly optimized for mobile devices. That, we feel, is an excellent quality an application can have in today’s world. Reddit works as well as it does on Desktop. And that says a lot about the development team behind Reddit. 

These days, businesses cannot work properly if they fail to target millennials. And for targeting millennials, businesses have to optimize their applications for mobile devices because most millennials prefer using the internet and surfing websites on their smartphones.

So, when a great platform combines with excellent mobile compatibility, there is no end to what businesses can achieve in terms of traffic, sales, and more.

You Can Be Casual

Being casual while trying to promote your business seems like something you cannot do on other websites. Well, on Reddit, you can because people on the platform want value from content and are not too harsh about how ‘professional’ your business is.

So, if you feel you resonate with more people when you write in a friendly tone, you can do that on Reddit. People won’t hesitate to promote a brand’s products if it seems like some person from next door is running it.

So, try experimenting and see what works and make it a part of your brand’s personality on Reddit.


Reddit isn’t a platform that will lose relevance in the coming years. The platform will only improve in the future.

Businesses that haven’t thought about Reddit for fulfilling gaps in their marketing have to consider it because of the 9 reasons we discussed in this blog. If your business seems to be suffering, Reddit could just be the fix.

We’re sure that once businesses start doing as we say in this blog, they’ll see positive results quickly. And those results will be long-lasting.