Content Marketing is taking the world of Digital Marketing by storm. Some years back, no one knew about any such term. But now, everyone is talking about it.

Although we talked about the basics of Content Marketing in the last blog, there are many other concepts that you have to understand before you dive deep into Content Marketing.

This post will talk about some subtle techniques that you must master to excel in Content Marketing. Don’t worry if you don’t have all or any of the qualities that we’ll talk about in this blog. With practice, you can learn & hopefully master them.

Without wasting any time, let’s begin.

Tell Compelling Stories

Believe it or not, the primary purpose of content has always been to tell interesting & compelling stories.

Without content, it is almost impossible to sell your products and services to people. It is human nature to connect with other peoples’ stories. Many studies have shown that when brands tell compelling stories, people connect with them and buy the product/service.

All the famous brands have used this point to their advantage and have generated leads and sales. You can observe any famous brand’s social media handle. They consistently tell great, emotionally impactful stories.

You can also strengthen the trust between your brand and the customers.

We also understand that you might not be able to excel at it on the first try. You’ll have to be consistent, and eventually, results will come.

Include Different Forms of Content

Text can get boring. That’s a fact. No one likes reading lots of text. We admit that we’ve emphasized the importance of text. We also talked about including lots of white spaces and writing short paragraphs.

But, a lot of the same thing is not what many people desire. People like variety. It is also true in real life. You get tired of a monotonous lifestyle because humans tend to crave something new.

What exactly can you do other than writing the text? Well, many different forms of content bring equally good or even better results.

The most popular forms of content are Images, Infographics, Videos, and GIFs. Including them in your blogs will suddenly make the blog more interesting. Also, there is no doubt about the fact that humans are visually hungry beings. We love seeing things than just reading plain text.

Now you may get confused about which images to include. Luckily, there are no hard and fast rules to it. You have plenty of options to choose from. You can attach screenshots, animated images, abstract images, and others. There isn’t an issue, as long as the images are relevant and are not present just for their sake.

Become More Human

Another fairly new concept for many Content Creators. It simply means that you need to write for humans and not exactly for Search Engines. Yes, Search Engines will indeed rank your page based on the predefined rules. But the Content will be read by real humans. Forgetting this basic rule will decide whether you’ll have traffic on your website or not.

So, it is best to write content just as you would like to read on pages on the Internet.

Keep a friendly tone!

Engage the audience.

Ask questions.

These are the basic rules of separating yourself from the crowd. We also get surprised at times with the robotic content present on some well-known websites.

We hope this point will help you identify the real problems and improve the quality of your content.

Take Care of Your Audience

Your top priority must be the audience. Without them, you’re nothing. You need to realize this ASAP.

Taking care of your audience means listening to their problems and concerns. Nowadays, Twitter has become an excellent platform for brands to assist their audience. There are many times when people have queries and no one to answer them. They ask the queries on Social Media platforms.

At that time, brands can get involved and answer the customers’ queries. By doing so, they can engage the audience in a better way. And when a brand themselves answers peoples’ queries, it creates a feeling among customers that their issues are being heard.  

Everyone knows about Nike. Being such a massive brand, they answer most of the queries on social media handles. This quality has helped them to stand out among the crowd.

Run Interesting Campaigns That Involve People

We’ve already mentioned the benefit of engaging your audience. There are many ways of doing it, some being better than others. Running engaging campaigns that involve people is an excellent way of engaging the audience.

Many companies have started running campaigns that the audience finds interesting. Coca-Cola ran a campaign, “Share a Coke”, where they printed 250 common American names on their cold drink bottles.

This campaign was highly successful. After that, many other companies tried running similar campaigns.

Most of the campaigns that involve people and make them feel valued tend to be successful. Obviously, when someone feels they matter, they’re more likely to buy a brand’s products and services.

Involve Trending Topics in Your Content

One of the best ways to stay relevant in this always-growing Internet traffic is to involve Trending topics in your content in some way. We know you didn’t expect this point in the blog.

Not many people utilize this aspect of Content Marketing. Part of it could be due to the lack of knowledge about how to involve trending topics.

But some brands have cracked the code and are using this tactic to their advantage. You can do it too.

  • Firstly, you need to search for Google trends.
  • Then, choose a country.
  • Then you’ll see the trending topics in the last 24 hours.
  • You can also search for a specific keyword.

After you’ve found an interesting trending topic, you need to bend your content so that it mentions the trending topic subtly.

Doing so takes practice, and you’ll start getting better at it with time. You need to carefully handle sensitive topics, such as issues involving some major incident or someone’s death.

You never know someone may get offended by the involvement of a topic.

Address The Company’s Problems Yourself

This is the most unique and controversial point for many. We simply mean to say that you have to address your company’s problems yourself.

Let us help you understand it in a better way.

Let’s imagine that your brand sells sauces. Many brands sell the same sauces. But you know that the sauces you sell are costly than that of the competitors. You might wonder, “How can I use this to my advantage?”

It’s simple. When you advertise, highlight that indeed you have costly sauces, but they’re pure and of the highest quality. Those sauces don’t include any preservatives or harmful substances. This way, your audience will understand that although they’re buying expensive products, the quality they’re getting is top-notch.

You have to positively use your brand’s weak points and convert them into the brand’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition).   

We know many people reading this may disagree with us on this point. But this point is different than others, and rarely any brand would ever use it. So, if you decide to use this tactic, you can be assured that the audience will remember you for quite some time.

Add Value for your Customers

When people land on your website, it is your responsibility to retain them for a longer time. If you offer them the same things that they can get from almost any other website, there is a slim chance that they would stay.

As mentioned in the previous points, it is vital to do something unique, which most other competitors are not doing.

Luckily, you won’t have to brainstorm for ideas because we’ll tell you about a solid idea that has worked for many & will surely work for you.

Educate/Teach your audience. See, it’s that simple. You have to educate/teach your audience about something. Yet again, the topics don’t have to be otherworldly.

You can simplify the process of choosing a topic by teaching them about things and procedures from your business. Imagine you have a shoe manufacturing company. You can teach the audience about the whole process or a single concept in detail.

That way, your audience will choose your brand for the product/service and the value you add by teaching them about something they didn’t know.

It’s a common practice among top brands. They produce documentaries wherein they showcase their manufacturing space, warehouse & the final product that reaches the customers. Such documentaries are interesting because people learn something about their favorite products.


Content Marketing can be mastered. It is not rocket science. The only techniques that you must practice for mastering it are the ones you just read. All of these techniques work subtly. Brands don’t go around telling everyone that they’re using these techniques.

Luckily for you, we have spilled the beans. Now you can also skyrocket your brand’s growth with these 8 simple yet effective techniques.