For a business, it is essential to drive traffic towards them and increase sales. Companies use marketing to spread the word about their products and services. In this blog, we’ll be talking about Marketing and how it is evolving & is not what it used to be some years back. To give you a clear picture, we’ll be differentiating between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing.

Both these Marketing methods differ quite a lot. Traditional Marketing refers to the practices that were used some years back. It involved magazines, newspapers, flyers, brochures, and TV to promote products/services for different brands.

Digital Marketing is entirely different from Traditional Marketing. It caters more towards technologically sound people, that is, the younger generation. They know everything about technology and are well-versed with mobile phones, laptops, and the internet. The core of Digital Marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing & others.

Now that you know the basic difference between the two, we want you to keep your mind open for what’s about to come next. We’ll be presenting you with a lot of information that will help you know everything about Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing. After reading this blog post, you’ll be able to explain all about marketing to anyone without missing out on a single detail.

Enough said. Let’s begin.


Both these methods have a different nature. One is Physical, while the other is Digital. Traditional marketing methods used hoardings, newspapers, flyers. All those aspects are tangible.

But that is not the case with Digital Marketing. You can’t touch or feel the aspects of Digital Marketing in real life. You can’t touch SEO, Email Marketing, or any other method.

In Digital Marketing, you don’t have to specifically buy ads to view them. But in Traditional Marketing, you have to buy newspapers and magazines.

Conversion Rate

Converting visitors to clients is the ultimate goal of all businesses. Marketing is a catalyst that speeds up the process. If a company decides to ignore marketing, it doesn’t matter if it’s Traditional or Digital; they’ll surely fail.

To sustain in any industry today, you need to generate money. And it can only be generated when you’re serious about Marketing.

The difference in Conversion rate between Tradition marketing & Digital marketing is enormous.

Let us explain that with a simple example.

Imagine you see an advertisement for shoes in the newspaper. You like the shoes and want to find more information about them. You want to know its price. But there’s limited information available in the newspaper.

Now, let’s consider how the same situation would play out if you see an advertisement for shoes on the internet. When you see an advertisement for a shoe on the internet, there will most likely be a link attached that will take you to the company’s product page. There, you’ll see detailed information about the shoe. You’ll also be able to zoom in on pictures and decide whether you want to buy it or not.

Everything on the internet is connected, and it is easy to search for different products, which is beneficial for companies in earning profits.

Increasing the conversion rate is pretty easy using Digital marketing.

Ease of Use

There are noticeable differences between how both these methods are used. We already talked about how technologically literate people can easily understand what Digital marketing is. But it is not so easy for older generations.

They struggle big time with technology & the internet. It is not easy for them to comprehend how the internet works and how businesses can drive sales using something they can’t see or feel.

Our older generation still prefers the traditional ways of marketing. They get a different feeling while holding a newspaper & reading from a magazine. We all agree that there’s something different when we have something tangible and can gain information from that medium.

But the tangible aspect has more to do with feeling good than anything else. There is not much financial benefit in Traditional Marketing.

Also, Traditional marketing is best suited for local businesses. People who want to target a specific city or state can see use Traditional marketing effectively.


Once you put up the advertisement, you cannot change it. You can’t physically change something after it has been printed. What’s worse is that if you put it up on display and people see it, any changes that you’d somehow make would not give effective results. You have to write & use images ideally on the first try.

But it is entirely different for Digital marketing. In Digital Marketing, you don’t have to worry about making changes in the later stages. It doesn’t mean that you intentionally go on making mistakes. If you mess up, you’d always know that changes can be made.


Both Traditional and Digital marketing comes with a host of benefits. But the advantages of Digital marketing significantly outweigh that of Traditional marketing.

Although most of the population is inclined towards technology and all things related to mobile phones, laptops, and the internet, some people still prefer to take the old and forgotten route.

Ignoring Traditional marketing altogether is not a wise choice. You could benefit from doing it if you know the people you want to target.

You should know that Traditional marketing is best suited for local businesses. People who want to target a specific city or state can see use Traditional marketing effectively.

For Digital Marketing, the sky is the limit. Internet is not limited to a location, which means you can market your products and services for people across the globe.

The good news is that you won’t have to spend extra money to make your business visible in different corners of the world. Imagine the doors that Digital marketing can open for you. You could get clients from developed countries, who won’t hesitate to spend money if you offer excellent products/services.


There is also a cost difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing.

Traditional Marketing was focused on distributing tangible items like newspapers and brochures to people. Displaying advertisements in newspapers and printing brochures in large numbers is costly. And also, there’s no guarantee that it would bring results.

That is not at all what happens in Digital marketing. You spend money once on hiring an Expert Writer, Developer and Digital Marketer. Once the work gets complete and you’re all set to display the result to a target audience, there is not much that you must do after that.

You don’t need to produce multiple copies because you can always share the link within groups and individuals.

Digital Marketing is a pocket-friendly way of marketing your products and services.

Targeted Marketing

You can target a specific audience with one marketing method. Can you tell which method it is?

It’s alright. You can give up.

We know it was an unexpected question.

The answer is Digital Marketing. Now let us tell you why.

With Digital Marketing, you can spread the word about your product/service in specific groups available all over the internet. There are plenty of dedicated groups available on social media. You can easily join them and promote your product.

There are complete websites that talk about a specific topic. It’s called a website’s “niche”.

You can think of a niche as a speciality that a person or a group offers. They provide detailed information in the form of blogs, videos, infographics and others.

All the things you can do using Digital marketing are not possible for Traditional marketing.

In Traditional marketing, newspapers & brochures are supplied to people from all walks of life. Because of that, it becomes challenging to identify the people who take an interest in your products/services.

Tracking the Traffic

Another vital aspect of marketing is tracking traffic. Without it, there is no point in wasting your time & effort on marketing.

Tracking can become problematic when you follow Traditional Marketing tactics. You don’t know the number of people who took an interest in your business.

In Digital Marketing, you can take a look at the statistics at any point. Experts who analyze statistics know their importance.

Some experts even say that statistics can decide whether a company will succeed or not.


From the eight key differences between Digital marketing & Traditional marketing, we hope you understood that both are poles apart.

Although Digital marketing is an evolved form of Traditional marketing, the differences between the two make them seem like they’re entirely different forms of marketing.

Pick one form of marketing or combine them smartly to reap benefits for your business.

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