Recent times are seeing a gradual shift in people’s preferences related to shopping. Some years back, Brick and mortar shops were commonplace. However, with the introduction of technology, the internet, and people getting technologically literate, things have taken a completely different turn now. The world has now shifted to online shopping.

The websites that let you do online shopping are called E-Commerce websites. Amazon is the most sought-after e-commerce website across the globe, which allows you to buy almost anything. This website connects buyers and sellers.

We talked about the importance of Content Marketing in the previous blog. In this blog, we will expand on the topic. But this blog is specifically for people who want to set up E-Commerce websites. Also, it is for people who’ve been in the industry for some years but are not getting expected results or simply want to grow their website & business.

Fasten your seatbelts as we’re about to take you on a journey that will result in a new you. After reading this blog, you’ll have practical knowledge and insider tips that you won’t find anywhere else.

Before proceeding, we want to ask for a favor from you. It is to entirely focus on the content & start using the tips for your website. If there’s no effort from your side, there is hardly anything that we’ll be able to do. So all we ask for is your cooperation.

Let’s dive in.

Product Guide

The moment a user lands on an E-Commerce website, they search for genuine products. Often, products are high-quality, but when a user looks further and doesn’t find any guide related to the product, they decide to choose another similar product. Do you want something similar to happen to you? Do you want your competitors to have the edge over your product? We’re sure the answer is NO.

While some users interested in your product may know all about it, first-time buyers won’t have any idea about what to expect. So, it’s only logical to present them with a product guide. That way, they’ll understand each component and decide whether they want the product or not.

If you think you can trick first-time users into buying your products by providing false information, you’re wrong. They may buy your product, but one thing is for sure that they won’t ever come back to you or recommend your product to anyone.

If your products do not have mechanical parts, you can provide a guide in Infographics. Infographics work best with clothing, bags & other things that a person can wear. Through Infographics, you can show them a size chart to help them decide the size that will fit them. It will help them choose a product ideally on the first go.

Give Importance to Reviews

Reviews are the core of an E-Commerce website. No reviews or lack of them make it difficult for users to decide whether they should spend money on a product or not. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that reviews hold more importance than a product’s features. Whether we like it or not, we, humans, follow the herd mentality.

You may disagree with us on the “herd mentality” statement above. But it’s true & we subconsciously follow it and are a part of it.

But how exactly can you get reviews on the product pages?

It’s easy.

You just have to ask.

Encourage the users to give their opinion after using a product. Ask them specific questions. People often can get confused when someone asks them what they didn’t expect.

Asking for reviews is such a simple practice, yet many companies fail to implement it. They’re hesitant to ask because they feel it might annoy the customers.

Product Videos

Customers love when they’re about to spend money on a product & see it in action through videos. Whether it is accepted or not, professional photographers take the product images on the product pages. Furthermore, they’re edited so that they look pleasing.

But that is not the case with product videos. Though videos can be edited, you can’t show a completely different product in a video, which you can in photos.

Time for an interesting fact: People trust their sight more than anything else.

If a person sees a product themselves, it is unlikely that they would get disappointed once it reaches them.

Also, people return or give negative reviews on products that dissatisfy them because they expect to get the outcome they see on a website.

Include Statistics

For any product on an E-Commerce website, statistics help people understand how a specific product affects people.

Reviews and Statistics hold the same value. As a new E-Commerce website, we don’t want you to ignore either of them.

Both these aspects on E-Commerce websites build customer trust. Statistics showcase to the users that a company knows what they’re doing. Presenting the users with your brand’s plans, sales & results builds confidence & encourages them to try your product/service.

Also, an interesting fact about statistics is that people love telling them to their friends & family. You can observe that in your life too. When you learn some interesting fact or statistic about a product, you tell them to your loved ones.

Advertise on Social Media

The world today is heavily influenced by social media. Almost every person & business is present there. It has become the need of the hour to have your presence on various social media channels. Without it, you’ll be wasting potential and the chance to gain traffic.

Businesses that tap into the potential of social media end up being successful. Think about it this way- your sales will be directly affected by the traffic from social media.

Furthermore, you can also share your product videos. It will be advantageous because people spend quite a lot of time surfing social media. They may also comment and let you know about the product.

Any way you see it, there are just advantages and rarely any disadvantages. You’ll thank yourself for putting in the effort to set up a social media page.

One last thing that you must take away from this point is to stay active on social media. We know it’s obvious. But we had to say it because most people set up their page and then forget about it.

Don’t make that mistake.

If you’ve put in the effort to set up the page, why not put some more effort to get results. After all, your intention from the beginning was to drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

Share Tips & Tricks related to the Product

People love it when you share tips & tricks related to the products you offer. It offers them new ways of using your product/service.

And when people discover they can use a product in multiple ways or for different instances, they are more likely to spend money on your product/service.

That way, you’ll be able to show people that you have a human side and not selling products just to earn profits. It is challenging to build trust over the internet. But such practices can help develop and eventually increase customers’ confidence.


That’s it.

That’s all you have to do to get your Content Marketing journey started for your E-Commerce website.

The 6 points we covered are fundamentals that you can’t miss.

Some other points can benefit you & your E-Commerce business. But those are more advanced methods.

Once you successfully implement these points, you can step up your game and start using those methods.

As they say, you need to get the basics right to bring solid waves in the industry.