WordPress is easily the most popular and trusted website builder throughout the world. Earlier, the use of WordPress was limited only to blogging websites. But now, even the most famous websites are built using WordPress.

WordPress has become so famous that over 455 million websites use WordPress. That’s a huge number. This number will increase significantly when more brands and businesses decide to have their presence on the internet.

But why do so many people choose WordPress?

There are several benefits that brands and businesses get when they decide to build their website using WordPress.

For this blog, we want to tell you all about the benefits of choosing WordPress for building your website. The community of developers is constantly growing, helping refine the existing features and give a great experience to people.

Without wasting even a single second more, let’s dive into it.

No Coding

The websites built using WordPress have this great feature where you don’t have to learn how to code. It’s an excellent feature for people who’re not familiar with coding or don’t want to get into the trouble of changing code for even the simplest of things.

Forget about the backend coding because you don’t even have to know HTML and CSS. You can simply drag and drop buttons and features on a page. The developers have already done the coding, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Wide Range of Themes

Another excellent quality of WordPress is the extensive range of themes one can choose to build a website.

The community of developers is vast, and developers who come from all walks of life put their creativity and expertise in designing amazing themes.

It doesn’t matter if you have a clothing business or sell armour because you can easily find a beautiful theme for your website. You can choose themes filled with different colors and designs or choose a minimalistic design. Moreover, you get the theme that you see in the preview. There is no toning down in the actual theme.

The majority of themes are free. Even the paid themes are worth the money one will spend. Also, managing the WordPress themes is easy, and even a layman can easily do it.

You can check some WordPress themes here.

Easily Customizable

When you choose to build a WordPress website, you might want to customize it and add or remove things per your preference. An excellent feature you get in WordPress is that you can easily drop buttons anywhere on a screen and write whatever you want in them. You can also change the color of the buttons.

If you have the content ready, you can decide which text will become the heading by choosing from H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6. You get to choose from 6 headings, meaning there’s no problem if your content contains a lot of subheadings.

Inserting photos, forms, and links is simple. All you have to do is create blocks for each of them. Then simply move and put the block wherever you want on the webpage.

Extensive Range of Plugins

WordPress websites stay incomplete without plugins because they fill a website with several functions that visitors will often use. The plugins are not only for visitors. Some plugins like Yoast SEO are an excellent choice for checking whether your post's content is optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It checks everything from Meta Title & Description to Keyword Density and Slug.

Some plugins can also help increase your WordPress website's security by checking for viruses and malware and removing them as soon as they’re detected.

What if a user visits a WordPress website and decides to fill a form to get more information?

It is also possible, thanks to Contact Form 7. You can easily customize the form and ask only the necessary details.

If you want an E-commerce website, you can create a website using WordPress and then install the required plugins to secure the payments. It is also easy to install plugins for analytics and observe the traffic, clicks and other metrics on your website.

You don’t have to worry because experts have already programmed the plugins. If you still feel there’s a risk to your website, you must check the plugin reviews before deciding to make it a part of your website.

WordPress is Mobile Friendly

When you build a website using code, you can only make changes using a PC. That’s because smartphones don’t have the feature of writing and compiling code. So, making changes to your website is impossible if you don’t have access to your Laptop or PC.

But with WordPress, you don’t have to depend on a Laptop or PC because you can easily make changes using your smartphone. All you have to do is install the WordPress application either on your Android or iOS device.

Whether you want to publish a post, update your pages or reply to comments, everything can be done using these applications. You can also make changes to your WordPress website without using these applications by opening the website on your smartphone’s browser.

Excellent for Website’s SEO

Search engines use some rules and look for certain things, and based on that, they decide where a website ranks when a user puts a search query in search engines. It can be challenging to fulfil every criterion because search engines like Google regularly update what they want and don’t want.

But if you have a WordPress website, you’ve won half the battle. That’s because the coding for WordPress websites is simple, easy to understand and doesn’t contain anything unnecessary. These qualities help search engines to crawl the pages and know everything about them.

And if you have some knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you will be familiar that a website can be excellent, but if its code is hard to read, then chances are, that website would not rank higher in the search results.  

When you can customize most things as per SEO for every page on the website, your website's chances of ranking higher would significantly increase. Even if one page out of all the pages starts ranking, your entire website will start benefitting from it by attracting more users and clicks.

High Website’s Loading Speed

As we highlighted the benefits of having an efficient code for a website, efficient code is also helpful in increasing a website’s speed. If the code contains many comments, the website would likely take time to load.

The high quality of code behind WordPress websites means that you can have as many pages as you want. More pages won’t affect the website’s speed and will stay as fast if the website had a single page.

Fast website’s loading speed is a significant reason established brands and businesses prefer WordPress websites over conventional websites built using code.

Different Users Can Have Different Access

Managing everything by yourself can be exhaustive, even if we talk about WordPress websites. There are so many things that one can easily feel tired and delay even the necessary changes.

If you find yourself in this situation, you can easily assign roles to other users. With WordPress, you can assign multiple users different permissions to make changes where you want them to.

For example, if you want to give access to a writer, you can assign them the roles to write and optimize the content’s Meta title, description, and other things. If you don’t want to give them permission to upload images within the content, you can also do that.

When you assign different roles to different users, you can relax and know that other users will do their work, and you can only focus on the most important aspects of a website.

Excellent Community Support

We highlighted initially that more than 455 million people prefer WordPress. With such a large community, you can find thousands of experts offering help and assistance. The community of WordPress is supportive and helps people solve problems that they encounter on their websites.

Experienced Coders, Graphic Designers, Writers and many other professionals offer advice without any charges. It means if you’re deciding on building a WordPress website, you can relax by knowing that if any problem arises, it can be fixed easily.

If you feel you want assistance from experts at WordPress, you can live chat with them. The team at WordPress won’t keep you hanging in the middle and offer you quick service.

Affordable Plans

With all the top features we discussed till now, you may be wondering about the prices. The prices suit everyone because there are four plans to choose from- Personal, Premium, Business and E-Commerce.

These plans are self-explanatory, but we’ll tell you which plans are suitable for which people.

  • Personal: This plan is best suited for people who want to try WordPress websites for the first time. It is an affordable plan that individuals can benefit from.
  • Premium: This plan is suitable for people who’ve used WordPress websites for some time and now want to transition to a plan with more features.
  • Business: As the name suggests, this plan is best for small businesses. You get the option of choosing from more than 50,000 plugins.
  • eCommerce: This plan is for people looking to sell products online. The plan comes with excellent security so that transactions stay secure. You get everything that WordPress has to offer in this plan.

These are the four plans you can choose from. You can even pay for them annually.


Nowadays, a large population is shifting to building websites that require minimal effort. There are many choices for them. But if we have to pick the best, it is WordPress. It is packed with so many features, and its ease of use means that even a novice can easily build websites in WordPress.

We hope all your confusion and doubts are cleared after reading these 10 benefits of building your website in WordPress.