The term copywriter is not new, though it has become popular recently. In the past, a copywriter would write ads in the newspaper. Now his tasks go beyond knowing how to write big ads as business texts and formats have been changed due to new forms of communication and changing trends.

“Copywriter” is a term that emerges from copywriting; therefore, it is necessary to start by explaining what the latter refers to.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the application of a set of writing techniques that are used to create persuasive texts.

Its main objective is that the copy, that is, the final product, leads the reader to take a certain action; it may be that they access a website, subscribe to a service or make a purchase.

Copywriting focuses on understanding and knowing the needs of the buyers, as well as analyzing the results obtained through the texts through metrics, to know what is working and what needs improvement.

For its part, the copy is the result of the union of a copywriter (writer) and copywriting (writing techniques). Copy aims to convince readers to make a purchase.

It is not about manipulation: a good copy should show the advantages of a certain product or service that it offers to potential clients and use rational resources to convince them to make a decision.

Differences between a copywriter and a content writer

Frequently, it is thought that a content writer and a copywriter are the same, but this is not the case. The objective of these two is different: the first seeks to inform, educate, and entertain, while the second persuades, converts, and sells.

A content writer creates posts of a blog or in the press section of some medium; the copywriter is versatile: he not only writes webpage, blog content, and ads on social networks, but can also create offline ads for billboards or hoardings.

Generally, the copywriter can easily act as a content writer, but it doesn't always happen the other way around: a content writer doesn't know about copywriting if he or she has not previously trained in the subject.

What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is the professional in sales and persuasion techniques in charge of writing conversion-oriented texts, such as emails, articles, advertisements, etc.

Therefore, he/she must understand the target audience and make it valuable for them.

A copywriter is an important element of a digital marketing business but he/she must know how to write SEO texts with the right keywords and keyword density. This one thing sets offline and digital copywriting apart.

In digital marketing, a copywriter is a professional who can analyze the results of their copy, which are the final product obtained from copywriting techniques.

What are the functions of a copywriter?

The figure of the copywriter has gained relevance due to the results that have been achieved through content marketing. Many companies have begun to realize that producing content is a good tool for generating traffic, attracting leads, and growing sales.

Some of the most important functions of a copywriter are the following:

  • Write, organize and rectify texts
  • Write ads for social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and for all kinds of formats (internet, television, magazines)
  • Write website content (home page, description of products or services, landing page, etc.)
  • Conduct keyword studies (along with SEO sometimes)
  • Define communication strategies
  • Create content strategies
  • Edit and proofread texts in terms of spelling, grammar, readability, engagement, context, style, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What should a copywriter do?

Turn a product into a solution

A copywriter must be able to turn a product or service into the solution of a problem, for this, he must first understand and study the characteristics of the same in-depth to be able to communicate this to others correctly.

Also, you have to know how to talk about products attractively; for example, through stories through which potential customers are identified so that you can convince them that what you offer them is exactly what they need.

Know the target audience

A copywriter cannot write for everyone, therefore, it is very important to define your buyer persona and know everything about her to focus on messages that are attractive and interesting for her. The goal is that whoever reads you realizes that what you wrote was specifically for him or her.

Know how each platform and its formats work

You must know how each of the platforms on which you publish works, since writing a text for Facebook is not the same as for Instagram. Each platform requires a certain tone, rhythm, and content must adhere to different rules, depending on which one we choose.

Make the text suitable for SEO

It is useless to generate content with great value if nobody sees it, that is why it is very important that the texts are optimized for search engines and that your products can appear in the first three places in search engines.

The order in which the results appear in Google obeys a well-designed and executed SEO strategy and a copywriter must be able to carry it out to have better results through their texts and creations.

Add value with the products or services

Most of the time we focus on talking about the products or services. We go out of our way mentioning that it is the newest, the largest, and the cheapest in the market, etc., but we forget the most important thing: talking about the benefits it offers the consumer.

The value of any product depends on how capable it is in solving a problem or what it can do for your customer. Based on this, people will really recognize their needs and know that your product can respond to it.

Make original proposals

As in any area, many professionals work as copywriters. But, a copywriter needs to have his/her own style. Most just copy someone else or their work and do not have their own style.

It does not hurt to benchmark, to see what is working for others, since it can be a starting point; however, it is essential to form your own style and give a unique voice to the company for which the texts are created.

To be updated

The platforms are constantly renewed: Now, on Facebook and Instagram, you can post stories, which are short and have a validity period. Therefore, copywriters get new opportunities and formats for their texts, so they have to adapt to them.

Also, a good copywriter needs to know how to take advantage of trending topics bringing more and more traffic to their posts or the company they work for. This is not easy because trends change from moment to moment, so you have to know when you have to go that way and when not.

Be and think like a salesperson

A salesperson is someone who knows about marketing, trading, and selling; you give him a product and he knows how he can sell it.

All marketing campaigns are or should be focused on engaging the target audience and, therefore, a copywriter must think like a seller and know the psychology of the consumers to know how to reach them and turn them into clients.

Contents that copywriters can write


The email marketing is still widely accepted in the world of marketing, because through it, still high conversion rates are achieved, which is useful for any business.

A copywriter generates a copy that acts as a hook in the email and brings them to the website or product page. The content on that page converts that lead with a call to action for buying or enrolling.

Therefore, a copywriter is responsible for building email content according to the potential client and guide him until the end of the process.


We see many sponsored posts in social media nowadays. They are there either to inform you or call you into buying something.

The texts that make up these ads are written and created by copywriters, who previously have a strategy and know-how to get the attention of those who read, but not only that but also how to achieve conversions.

Landing pages

In short, a landing page is used to convert visitors into leads. Therefore, they must contain all the relevant details of the product or service offered.

The objective of creating these pages is to carry out specific marketing campaigns, which are totally independent of other customer relationship channels.

Here, the copywriter needs to summarize the benefits offered by the product or service, perfectly and in an attractive way; anticipating in advance what can the interested parties say in favour or against them.

What role does a copywriter have in a company?

A copywriter may have a specific profile or be specialized in a certain area. Some of those profiles are:

  • SEO Copywriter
  • Technology copywriter
  • Legal copywriter
  • Creative Copywriter

There are more possibilities; these are just a few examples. More and more people are interested in this work and in different areas, so whatever you are looking for, you will surely find it.

If you are thinking of hiring someone with this profile to strengthen your company, it is necessary that you know some of the skills that they must have, even if they are not specialized in any area.

Copywriter skills

  • Research and analysis capacity to create effective and quality texts
  • Curiosity to learn about new topics and stay ahead of trends
  • Attention to details
  • Good writing, editing, proofreading skills
  • Ability to manage several projects at the same time
  • Be and think like a marketer
  • Basic knowledge related to SEO
  • Ability to modify/construct each text according to the objective

How does having a copywriter benefit your company?

It can help your company in:

  • Making your marketing campaigns and customer leads hot, more concise and natural.
  • Improving the finance of your company with a higher influx of clients.
  • Enhancing the brand value of your company through content, differentiation and an organizational projection that goes more with the principles and values of the company.
  • Increasing traffic and positioning in search engines, with the ability to analyze, choose and use keywords in each of your content.
  • Getting through social networks, communicate with potential clients and win them.

How to choose a good copywriter?

Here we leave you some aspects that you should take into account when hiring a copywriter:

Don't focus on their training

The titles are important, but they do not guarantee 100% that the person who holds them is well prepared to function as a copywriter, so do not take it as the only reference.

See the experience they have in the field

One of the most useful things is paying attention to the projects in which they have participated and the companies in which they have worked. In this way, you will be able to know what they have done and what the results were.

Mind you, writing well is not the same as writing persuasive sales-oriented texts.

Search for references

You can communicate with a previous boss or if you don't want to, you can access their website and see the comments and testimonials that have there.

Also, one of the most pragmatic ways is to read their texts and see if you feel interested to hire them. Does their text intrigue you? Do you like their style?

Put some filter

There are many ways to know if they have the profile you need for your company; You can ask them to write something not very extensive, such as an email, so you can get an idea of whether or not it is the person you need.

These are just a few things to keep in mind, but remember that for every company, there is an ideal copywriter. What may be functional for others may not be for you; it will always depend on what you need. So, be sure to research your candidates very well.

Assign a trial period

You can give them a project and check if the person you have tentatively chosen meets your expectations. This way you can measure the impact and effects of the said project and you can make the decision based on the results.


More and more companies are realizing that words are very important to connect with the audience. Words give life to an idea and it is just what a copywriter achieves by creating and transmitting differentiating and effective messages.

As Peter Drucker said, "Marketing aims to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself." That is what connection is all about, and so is sales. That is why there is a whole process until closing.