The Elephant in the room

The trends in Digital Marketing for the coming years have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic that we are still assimilating. Strategies change every year depending on consumer habits, below we are going to analyze the trends that experts and markets raised for 2021 and their progress in the first quarter of the year.

5 A’s Forever

1. Add value to the user.
2. Assist the client to solve their problems and needs.
3. Anticipate the future demands of our target audience.
4. Adapt to the buyer person.
5. Automate marketing.
For the most part, if it has been implemented in this and recent years and what else with the pandemic we have learned to automate and make the best use of Marketing to reach the right buyer person.

Artificial Intelligence - marketing's best friend

During 2021, we will see how artificial intelligence and automation can become the true protagonists of digital advertising campaigns. Reducing the number of activities and compressing them to have more aggregated data will be increasingly important.

When communicating with potential customers or buyers, marketing automation has become widely known. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, we began to see very interesting new models and solutions to segment the public.

Just how I said a few lines above, we have automated Marketing and this has been thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it is increasingly accessible to marketing teams to obtain results such as increasing conversations in different channels with good segmentation, this thanks to artificial intelligence and its chatbots.

Without a doubt, for many companies investing in artificial intelligence at this time will allow them to save costs and accelerate growth, thus outperforming their main competitors.

Programmatic advertising – keep them hitting

This refers to an advertisement in which the advertiser buys the audiences and not the spaces, as is the case with traditional advertising. The advertiser chooses the audience they want to target, taking into account multiple details of their profile likes, demographics, connections, etc. During 2021, programmatic advertising will extend its use by most platforms. Companies are increasingly using this technology to make real-time decisions regarding the ad they want to deliver to customers.

2020 was marked by digitization and that means that audiences turn to search engines before making a purchase decision. An important trend in the year is to focus on content optimization or SEO so that search engines show our brands in the first results.

SEO standards are constantly changing, so it is important to stay informed and updated.

In my opinion, this trend that has already been worked on in previous years in other markets and cultures.

We can observe two fundamental issues to review in an SEO strategy the core web vitals, this is a set of Google metrics, which analyze the user experience of a web page. It takes into account the factors of load time, the interactivity of the page and the visual stability. Its result has a direct impact on positioning and must be subject to constant review, especially in e-commerce that have recurrent design and content changes.

Voice searches attacking direct search intentions and competing for Google's zero position, once again, this must be implemented strategically as it can be a double-edged sword that can improve the visibility of a website but affect the organic traffic.

Big Data-Based NLP – Natural Language Processing not Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is another trend

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the latest big data and marketing trend. Its role is to help big data systems better understand the information obtained and allow more natural conversations and interactions between software and users. An example is smart voice assistants.

That's right, we work as a team with experts in data analysis and they confirm that this trend is having an effect in this first quarter.

Mindful marketing - long live sustainable consumption!

We must pay special attention to mindfulness marketing when we talk about new options to drive the development of the company. Based on caring for the planet, companies must consider sustainable consumption and what they can do to create a better world for the future.

The protection of ecological or social rights is the main issue that we must all pay attention to before facing the consequences of pollution, abuse and overexploitation of resources. A company committed to sustainable production has a long way to go in the coming years.

Mindful marketing responds to a much more humanized promotion, the client, who has always wanted to be taken into account above all else, will see in this new trend not only your interest in their satisfaction but also that irresistible concern for the environment.

You are beginning to see the implementation of this trend in the different marketing campaigns, but I think that there are many details to be polished so that the whole society is influenced by this issue that has been trying to be heard for years.

Prepare for Marketing in a Cookie-Free World - Where is my Cookie?

Measurement is more important than ever for performance-based marketing to be effective. The use of cookies that record useful information about what happens after a consumer clicks on an ad is a very effective and common practice among marketers to measure the results of their online advertising. However, user privacy requirements and regulations such as the GDPR create the need to modify traditional measurement methods to adapt them to an ever-evolving ecosystem.

The fall of cookies, which have been used as a tracking method by advertisers and advertising platforms for decades. Now, the goal is to introduce new equivalent technologies to continue segmenting and targeting your campaigns without threatening user privacy.

In 2021, much emphasis will be placed on the use of innovative and privacy-based measurement systems. Marketers will employ sophisticated techniques, such as conversion models, to measure the success of their digital campaigns.

This trend is something if we have seen progress in this first quarter, the use of stable analytical and labeling systems have been implemented, respecting the will of the users by obtaining the pertinent consents and storing the related information safely, and investing in their own data. By building a strong and robust infrastructure, you can measure more results with less data.

Videomarketing – I watch 10 videos in a minute. What about you?

Creating video advertising content has become one of the most effective actions to promote brands on the internet. For this reason, video marketing is a trend this 2021. Mainly it is because it is one of the most used options and that it generates good reception. Especially live broadcasts, whether it is to answer questions or introduce new products or services.

Other options that you can use for your brand are video tutorials that you can share on platforms such as YouTube or Facebook and don't forget Tiktok or Instagram reels, which will help you have a greater reach for your target audience. It is worth mentioning that a good video marketing strategy is not only about making your video go viral, but also about attracting more potential customers.

2020 gave way to this trend where live videos and webinars are also included that allow teaching, learning and connecting with audiences.

Live videos and webinars or webinars played an important role and in 2021 they will continue to boom, because they allow audiences to connect directly with characters and influencers and reduce the geographical gap that separates the public from important events.

Book launches, concerts, exhibitions, seminars and conferences have benefited from streaming platforms and it is time to make the most of them Zoom, Teams, Google Meets.

This is a trend that is here to stay, we know that content is the king of the internet and now multiple generations consume content in video format through different platforms, I definitely consider that there are currently many brands and content creators that make good use of this trend and surely better plans are coming for the remainder of the year.

Stories – I Post Them Everywhere

In 2020, the stories have reached the rest of the social networks that had not yet incorporated this type of content, and in this case, LinkedIn and Twitter have decided to assume the stories as a new functionality for their users, in the case of Twitter, the has dubbed as Fleets.

Stories with a mode of creation and dissemination of ephemeral content that is tremendously popular for millions of content creators, but it must be taken into account that all social networks assume the stories as their own content makes the differences between networks become even more blurred.

The same is true of Instagram Reels, the mini-video format that the camera's social network launched in August 2020, and which tries to compete directly with Tik Tok. This social network that has been sweeping the teen target for a couple of years. Currently, we find many videos on Reels that are the same that have been shared on Tik Tok, which makes the essence of Reels get lost again.

This trend goes very hand in hand with the previous trend of video marketing and is something that all brands should be implementing already in their strategies (if they have not done so, I think they are already late), with this Stories format you can get to all of them instantly, the important thing here is to generate a call to action.

User generated content – Make 10 meme’s on my product

With the new generations of consumers and social networks, the communication of brands with the user has completely changed. In this way, it seems that one of the upward trends is that it is the user himself who creates the content.

The advertising strategies of the digital departments of brands and advertising agencies are already beginning to be based on content focused not only on the user, but also that it can be a participant and end up generating it.

I have seen many brands already make use of this trend, but I believe that it should be well implemented and select well their content creators or brand ambassadors so that the communication is good, of quality and really achieves its objective.

Augmented reality – Go for it. I also don’t like reality

Augmented reality that is used by many specialized agencies to carry out campaigns. This certainly allows users to test the products in augmented reality before purchasing.

For example, in the real estate sector, clients who want to buy a home will be able to see the property without being there. In addition, using augmented reality will allow your company to improve its image and get more publicity since this trend will offer a more professional experience to your clients.

It is a very promising trend, I have seen it in the top of marketing trends in recent years, but I think that countries like mine, India, have not yet explored any advantage of this technology.

Rather, the question is, do you think there is any trend that will flourish in the next few months of the year that will be a boom for Digital Marketing?