Clubhouse is a social audio platform that was launched in April 2020. Initially, it was an invite-only platform, meaning you had to be invited by someone already using the application. But now, anyone can download the application and start using it.

But what exactly is the purpose of Clubhouse?

As we stated initially, it is a social audio platform, meaning there are no videos, hashtags, or anything else you’d find on most social media platforms. It is different from every other platform you have ever used.  

Knowing what you can do and how your business can achieve excellent results, you must know about this fantastic application. So, in this blog, we’ll tell you the benefits of using Clubhouse.

Let’s begin.

You Can Join Groups Based On Your Interest

As soon as you create your account on Clubhouse, you have to select your interest so that the platform can show you the relevant groups. There is no end to the number of groups because the app has over 10 Million downloads on Play Store alone.

Anything you can think of can be found on Clubhouse. If you like to talk about Digital Marketing, be assured that people may have already created groups for the same.

On platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others, you have to do a lot of research about the audience, the right hashtags that can increase engagement, and more. When all these tasks are eliminated, it saves people a lot of time, effort, and resources.

It Is An Audio Only Platform

There are no videos or photos that are shared with other people in a room (group). It is only your voice. This is a relief for many people who’re uncomfortable with video platforms. Moreover, it can save people the time they have to spend getting ready for a video meeting. You could be sitting in your PJs and still put your point across effectively.

No other platform other than Clubhouse offers so much comfort while still getting things done. Its unique idea helped it to become a popular platform among ordinary people and influencers.

Everyone Starts From The Same Starting Point

On Instagram and Facebook, people who have more followers have the power to influence people. Although they got on top with their hard work, some people have excellent ideas but can’t tell them to a broad audience because of their limited followers.

On the Clubhouse application, this issue gets sorted because no one gets an edge if they haven’t shared significant ideas on the platform. The past achievements of a person are of no use if they can’t back it up with their voice in a room.

Unlike other platforms, everyone starts from the same starting point. We believe fair competition is the only way a community can grow because no one knows what new idea can come from an ordinary person.

It Creates FOMO Effect

The audio chat is permanently deleted from the application after a room is ended. It is not like podcasts where you can listen to the same thing multiple times.

As it’s available only for a limited time, people want to be a part of the conversation. We can also say that Clubhouse succeeds in creating a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) effect. This effect is used in many marketing campaigns because people hate missing out on something everyone is a part of.

For example-

Squid Game, a Korean TV series, is increasingly becoming popular. It is viral on all social media platforms. So, when people see anything related to it, they get the feeling of FOMO. To overcome this feeling, they binge-watch the entire series to put an end to the feeling.

People Can Ask Questions

Anyone can raise their hand and come on top of the stage to share their opinions or ask questions. It is an excellent feature of Clubhouse. The moderators monitor who wants to say something and then allow them to say it.

It is an excellent opportunity for brands and businesses that want to reach a broader audience. They can also clear misconceptions people may have about their products and services. Most companies aren’t doing it. So if you decide to do it, you’ll have a massive advantage.  

It Builds Human Connections

When we interact with a brand, at no point do we feel a real person is interacting with us. And it does not happen only with some people. It happens with most people. That’s because businesses, even these days, are not building connections and relationships with their audience.

We know it is easier said than done because while you’re trying to build connections, you can become too informal, which is also not desirable.

So, what options do you have?

Clubhouse is a great platform that can help you achieve exactly what you want. Through voice chat, you can build connections with people and let them know that there are real people behind your business.

Building a connection in today’s time is crucial for succeeding in the cutthroat competition.

You Can Come Across Influential People

Clubhouse is not only limited to brands and businesses. If you have some solid idea that can be translated into a business, you might just find an investor who’s ready to invest in your idea. It has been said that many company owners from Silicon Valley also use this platform.

When you come across someone who can assist you in any way, we recommend you don’t miss the opportunity and pitch them your business idea. And don’t expect to find an investor on the first try. It can happen, but it’s unlikely. If you’re afraid of failing, know that most successful people failed several times in their lives. 

Honestly, there is no end to opportunities to build and grow on this platform.

Create A Room

If you don’t find a room that interests you, you can create a room. Yes, that’s an option. While creating a room, make sure that you tell people what your group is about through the description.

Also, keep a self-explanatory name so that people tap on it. If the name is confusing, no one would be able to understand what your group is all about. If you keep the quality of your conversations high, you’ll have a room full of people in no time.

We highly recommend you don’t directly sell your services because that can seem a pushy tactic that everyone hates. First, teach people and then subtly tell them about your brand. That way, they’ll know that you can be trusted.   

Subtle promotion can also help improve your website’s SEO as more people will search for your website. Google will also start ranking your website because of it.

You Get Confident Using Your Voice

If you’ve always feared speaking to many people at once, then Clubhouse is an excellent platform for you. As you don’t show your face, you can stop worrying about people judging you for your body language or your face’s expressions.

We know people let go of opportunities in life that can help them level up. And the reason for leaving them is because they feel they can’t confidently express their ideas to people. If you’ve been doing it, now is the time to improve your speaking skills and get confident that you can do it.

Moreover, the people on the platform are encouraging, meaning you won’t find anyone who’d discourage your efforts. They’ll be appreciative: the complete opposite of what you thought.


Clubhouse came as a phenomenon and impacted people all over the internet. No one had seen any such platform before. The good part is that people responded to it positively. Since the time it was launched, it has only become better.

The platform is not only for basic voice chat. It is much more, which we talked in detail about in the blog. We explained the benefits of Clubhouse, which we feel will encourage more people and businesses to start considering it. We’re sure after some time of using it and getting the hang of it, people will realize that there are a whole lot of other opportunities.

The platform is constantly growing. So you can expect to see significant improvements in the future. Keep yourself updated, or better, follow us to never miss out on more excellent content on our website.

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