Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence that systems these days possess. It is called artificial because it is different from a human’s intelligence.

Some years back, systems were programmed which seemed like they were intelligent. But today, they’re indeed intelligent and don’t have to be intensively programmed. Though some people say that intelligent machines can pose a threat to humans, we’ll not talk about it because it’s an entirely different topic.

For this blog, we’ll only talk about the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Marketing. It is vital to know how these two technologies complement each other because Digital Marketing is such a broad field, and every business has to consider it. If they don’t, it becomes difficult to succeed in the competitive online market.

So without further delay, let’s start with the topic.


The bot you see when you open a website that is ready to chat with you is known as a chatbot. They’ve made it easier for websites and users to interact in an efficient manner. Because of them, a human doesn’t have to be present on a website at all times to clear users’ queries.

Now, chatbots can take care of users at any time. It doesn’t matter if a user asks questions late at night or at any odd hour. Earlier, the websites with an international audience failed to answer users’ queries because of the time difference. But now, such businesses don’t have to worry about this problem.

Chatbots offer many advantages. They can answer questions in simple language. Also, they don’t ever run out of patience, meaning a person can ask them as many questions and take as much time as they want.

E-commerce websites can benefit from chatbots because they can easily remember a user’s buying and search history. If a user forgets something they purchased, the bot can easily remind them about it. This saves users’ time because they don’t have to search for something and then look at each product to identify which one they liked initially.

Content Generated By AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown so much over the years that it can now generate content on its own without any intervention from a human. If we told this to someone some years back, they would laugh and consider it impossible.

But the thing is, AI has the power to learn on its own (similar to humans). And this technology has learned so much over the past few years that it has become hard to believe what it can do now.  

AI’s ability to generate content has shocked many people. The technology has become so efficient that a person cannot tell whether an actual human wrote the content or AI. The technology is still developing, meaning it cannot match the content’s quality as that of an expert writer. But soon, it will also become a reality.

Content Curation

Many people may not know about content curation. So, we’ll tell you what it is. It is the art of curating content for each separate user.


You don’t have to get confused because you’ve already experienced it. So, here’s a simple explanation- the suggestions a user sees after they’ve browsed a product or service. You may have seen the text “You may also like” or “Similar Products” when you reach the bottom of a webpage.

It is because of AI that you see accurate suggestions. A human cannot sit in front of a computer screen and suggest services or products to each user separately. It is not feasible, and also, it is time-consuming (considering someone actually sits in front of a computer screen).

So, the next time you see suggestions after watching your favourite show on Netflix, know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) did it for you.

Voice Search

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant are all AI-powered voice search assistants. They’re making our lives easier in so many ways. The voice search's capability is astonishing; from searching for a keyword to asking them to play a song, there’s a whole lot more this technology can do.

What we’re about to tell may surprise you. The reason people stress so much about building a mobile-friendly website is directly related to voice search. It is because most people use voice search on their smartphones. And when the search shows them the results, the websites that appear have to be optimised for mobile devices.

If companies fail to optimise their websites for mobile devices, they lose out on people they could’ve won easily.

Targeted Ads

Targeted ads are being used for many years now. Some years back, websites had to analyse the users’ information and then use ads on the most visited websites. It was time-consuming, and there was no guarantee investing money in ads would be fruitful.

Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entirely changed the scenario. It has taken it upon itself to identify which ads to use on which websites. There is no need for human intervention now.

The same ads repeated many times irritated people. Due to this, they stopped visiting certain websites because of the ad frequency.

Now that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken over, the websites placing ads are getting profits because users are converting into customers. It is happening because of the relevancy of ads.


Re-targeting has become essential in today’s fast-paced world. It is because people spend some time on a website and then open another website, forgetting about the previous one. Even if they opened the first website to find something valuable, they wouldn’t remember it unless they’re reminded of it.

It is because of this that re-targeting is needed. Re-targeting is basically reminding users of a website at other places on the internet. It is necessary because sometimes people genuinely forget about something. It can also be used when people are confused about whether they should buy something or not.

The practice of re-targeting has a lot to do with human psychology. When humans repeatedly see something, they’re more likely to make the decision of buying the product or service. Businesses know about it and are using it well to their advantage. You can also start re-targeting using Artificial Intelligence (AI) if you’re not doing it.


Analysing your company’s activities is vital because all the decisions you have to make to succeed are directly linked with how well you analyse the data.

Some years back, companies had to analyse each aspect manually. It wasted time and required several tools, with which it would be impossible to have a clear picture of how a business was performing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly improving and has made analysing the data simple. The field of Big Data is all about analysing large amounts of data. It is also seeing improvements because of AI.

So, now that it has become simple to analyse data, your business must start inculcating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to keep up with the competition and hopefully gain an edge over them.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a versatile marketing tactic that has a high Return on Investment (ROI). Businesses need to use it to drive more sales and increase the conversion rate.

We talked about email marketing in a previous blog highlighting how crucial it is to write customised emails to your customers. We also covered some things that businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also impacting email marketing. Now, AI can write customised emails for you. You don’t have to worry because the emails won’t look like computer-generated emails. They can write like humans, which will make it extremely difficult for your customers to know that AI wrote it.

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also take care of the time, the day, and the frequency. Taking care of these things is vital because they can decide whether your business will reap results from email marketing or not.

Saves Money

Some will say that this point is not an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). But we beg to differ. That’s because saving money is directly linked with AI.

When your business adopts AI, you save the money you’d otherwise have invested on hiring content writers, SEO specialists, and the chat team. Saving money on them will let your business invest in other essential factors that will help you grow.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is positively impacting every area of our lives. It is because of this technology that our lives have become easier. The tasks which were impossible in the past can now be completed with ease.

When every technology is benefiting from AI, why would Digital Marketing stay behind?

So, in this blog, we covered 9 applications of AI in Digital Marketing. These applications will familiarise you with how far the technology has come.  

We hope you’ll start inculcating this technology in your Digital Marketing strategy to reap more benefits.

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