Hiring a Content Marketing agency is no joke. It takes deep & thorough research to get it right. During the process, it is understandable if you mess up. That’s a part of the process. We learned during our childhoods not to think of failure as the end but a chance to improve.

Sadly, mistakes made during the hiring process can badly affect your project and become a financial burden. There are things that you have to get right on the first try.

Here is a post is to help you identify the qualities to look for in a content marketing agency before hiring them. Also, we’ll talk about certain aspects that indicate if an agency is in the business for the money.

The aspects we’ll cover will be simple yet effective, and they’ve been tested multiple times before. So, we can assure you of gaining some insightful information after reading this blog.

Let’s start with the signs that a content marketing agency is right for you.

It shows in conversations

The age-old method effectively works even in today’s time.

Through conversations, you can identify whether a person is telling the truth or not. Although you may not talk with agencies over the phone, you can still identify their intentions in chat.

You’ll need to use simple logic and evaluate all the things they say. That way, you will know what is real and what’s an exaggeration. To know if their claims are genuine or not, you need to know about the services you want to opt for.

Beware, you don’t want to hire some scam Content Marketing agency. You can easily identify when an agency is fake. They’ll make claims which may seem too good to be true.

What if you somehow come across a fake agency?

Report them and spread the word, so others don’t fall into their trap.

They have results to prove their worth

You cannot ignore this aspect when hiring a content marketing agency. After all, you aim to get results for your business.

There are often times when content marketing agencies have many followers but no results to prove their worth.

Always remember that an agency’s followers would do nothing good for you. You need a proven track record of the agency.

You can ask them for reports, case studies, screenshots, and reviews of actual clients. That way, you’ll know if they’re genuine or have the aim of getting more followers.

Another clear sign of being wary of an agency is when they hesitate and make excuses while showing results. If they delay showing results, know that they’re not an agency you want to hire.

When an agency doesn’t reply to your messages on time before the project, they’re very likely to do the same thing during the project. Our next point sheds some more light on this.

They reply on time

Not getting a reply on time can be frustrating. In daily life, we expect people to do it. Think about not getting a response from an agency when you’ve hired them. That’s the worst feeling.

If you don’t want to feel that, you need to research and compare several agencies. Good agencies, no matter how occupied they are, will reply to your queries on time. For most companies, their customers are most important because there is no way for agencies to earn money without them.

If you’re an agency reading this blog, make sure to hold your customers at the top if you haven’t already.

Another reason we stress replying timely is that a project is one of the most vital things for a client. Their intent for getting a project done well is to get more traffic and offer their services to users.

Content Marketing agencies must value their clients’ time. They need to know that clients have other things on their plate and cannot wait for days to get a reply.

A tip for Content Marketing agencies: Have a dedicated team for replying to clients and handling their queries.

They’ve implemented content marketing on their platforms

Before you hire an expert in any field, you make sure to check whether the expert possesses the skills required to make you succeed. That’s how everyone chooses experts.

It is no different for Content Marketing agencies. Potential clients will look for certain qualities in agencies.

Consider if you’re a Content Marketing agency and haven’t implemented the exact services you’re offering, then how your clients will trust you.

It is vital to show your expertise. Only then will a client know they’ve made the right choice.

Here’s how the process will look like:

-Then, check their websites.

-See if they’ve written high-quality informational articles.

-Check if they’ve mixed Content Marketing & Copywriting. If they have, choose another agency.

Simple steps, right?

They have personalized plans

When you browse an agency’s plans, it can happen that they might not have any plan suitable for you. What to do in that case?

When such a situation arises, you have to contact them. From then on, you have to observe how they communicate with you and what they can do, especially for you.

From their actions at that stage, you’ll know whether they care for their clients or not.

A good Content Marketing agency will go to great lengths to cater their plans for you. They’ll understand your vision and goals for the project. According to that, they’ll honestly tell you the aspects they can cover. They know the value of retaining clients.

That’s how businesses work.

Your agency cannot be centered on yourself. You have to give service to clients and try not to let any of them go. Think of your agency’s goal to build lifelong relationships with clients.

Their team consists of experts

An agency is as good as the people it consists of.

When deciding on an agency to hire, you must check the people it consists of. You’re not hiring an agency but the expert team that has come together to form it.

So, it would be best to analyze all the team members, especially those who manage the content part. After all, that’s what you want to get done.

Observe the work done by content writers in the agency. Read their previous articles. Check the aspects that you want in your project.

Once you do thorough research, you’ll have a clear picture of whether you want to hire them or not.

If you want to take it a step further, then personally connect with team members. Ask them questions about the agency. It can also happen that they may not tell you insider information, but no one has ever lost anything while trying.

So, it’s best to take a shot at it.

They should not be “jack of all trades, and master of none”

Although “Jack of all trades, master of none” is an appreciated quality in routine life, it is not suitable when you intend to hire a Content Marketing agency.

As a business thinking about putting their feet in Content Marketing for the first time, you have to find experts who know their deal.

Choosing an agency that claims to do everything might be a scam. You want agencies that have a speciality in Content Marketing.

And when an agency says they can take on a specific task before listening to your issues and the outcomes you expect, it is a clear sign to steer away and find another agency.

Moreover, a genuine agency will tell you to find some other agency if the work you want to get done is not their expertise.

Their pricing is optimal

We didn’t touch on pricing throughout this blog until now. We have to highlight this point because pricing plays a significant role in choosing a Content Marketing agency.

Firstly, you need to know the average pricing for the Content Marketing service you want to opt for. Once you know the range, you’ll know when an agency is overpricing or underpricing its service.

And then, when you identify an agency that falls in either of the two categories, you can determine whether they’re the right fit for you or not.

The thumb rule is to choose an agency that prices its services around the average amount that others charge.

Usually, but not always, underpriced service means the team that’ll undertake the project might not be experts in the field.

And overpricing might not have anything to do with under-experienced staff. It could mean that an agency is trying to build clients’ trust and gain confidence by overpricing. Sadly, that’s how most of us perceive things. We automatically assume a thing is good if it is priced high.


We just shed light on eight definite signs that tell you when a Content Marketing agency is right for you. The process is straightforward but can take you some time when you’re trying to choose an agency for the first time.

Remember, if an agency ticks most of the checkboxes, then go ahead and choose them. Fortunately, Tabscap is one such agency.

We hope we didn’t overwhelm you with the information in this blog. If somehow we did, you can bookmark this page to read it at your pace and take the information slowly.