Content is becoming more popular with each passing day because more and more people and businesses are realizing that they can’t survive without it. Many new forms of content like- videos, infographics, podcasts are now dominating the world. But all these new forms of content don’t devalue the importance of written content.

Content started in the written form, and it is still the most prominent form. When we say other forms of content are also becoming popular, we are not saying that websites have forgotten about the written content.

Even the written content has many forms. The two most common are short-form & long-form. Short-form content, as the name implies, is content of around 500 words. Long-form content, on the other hand, is opposite to it and contains more than 2,000 words. There is no upper limit to the number of words, but most websites write long-form content around 5,000 words.  

We’re telling you all these details about long-form content because, in this blog, we’ll talk about why you need it. It doesn’t matter which niche you’re in; you can write long-form content. Let’s start with the main topic and tell you more details as you read the blog.

You Can Explain A Topic From All Perspectives

The number one goal for any website should be to offer in-depth information to its audience. An audience sticks with a website when it provides good and valuable information that changes peoples’ lives.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot you can explain in a 500-word blog. For explaining topics in detail, you’ll have to increase the number of words. There is no other way around it. Long-form content is the answer if you want to do it.

Often, it happens that you tell things from a single perspective in a blog. But believe us, it is incomplete information, and users will search for other websites that explain the same topic in more detail. The goal of every website should be to make all its users reach the end of the blogs. It will ensure that they read the entire blog and clear all their doubts. Your blog will become one-of-a-kind if you can explain a topic from a company’s and a user’s perspective.

You Can Target Multiple Keywords

Keywords are crucial for all websites on the internet. They help search engines know what a website is about. Some years back, websites stressed a lot on keywords and went to extreme lengths to include keywords where they weren’t even required. Because of this, search engines like Google introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) which helps crawlers know the content of websites without focusing much on keywords.

But the introduction of AI doesn’t mean that keywords are useless now. They’re still useful, and websites have to include them, just not unnecessarily. It is difficult to use keywords multiple times in a short blog because it would result in keyword stuffing. But keyword stuffing isn’t a problem with long-form content. What’s more- you can even use different keywords (primary, secondary & long-tail). The more keyword variety you have, the better it is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Drive More Traffic To Your Website

When you explain a topic in great detail and target multiple keywords, we assure you that you’d get more traffic on your website. Users are actively looking for such websites, and search engines also love showing users websites that fulfill their requirements.

For example- if someone searches for stationery items in the Google search, then Google will return results for all websites that have keywords & blogs about stationery items. More likely, Google will show websites with long-form content because it believes those blogs will help clear users’ problems. And resolving users’ queries is the number one priority of Google. So, if your website has long-form content, you can also appear at the top of the search results.

In the above example, we explained how fulfilling the requirements will help your website attract more traffic. And more traffic won’t go to waste because it would mean that more people would get converted to customers.

Help You Become An Authority

Becoming an authority in a niche is no joke. You have to do so much to become one. One thing that can significantly help you is long-form content. We discussed previously in the blog that Google loves websites that comply with their rules and make users’ online time pleasant.

If you write excellent long-form content consistently, search engines and people will know that you are the website to go to when they have some queries. You can consider how when someone wants to read about what’s happening with cryptocurrencies, the first names they think of are Cointelegraph and CoinDesk. It is because these two websites are an authority in the crypto niche.

Even if some new website launches that has better content about cryptocurrencies than the two mentioned, it will take quite some time for that website to become popular and an authority. Basically, when you become an authority, you stay at the top position for a long time. And if you keep improving, there is no way for new websites to overtake you.

Google Will Lead People To Specific Parts Of The Article

Google has recently introduced something that makes it even easier for people to search for what they want. The text highlight feature is a great addition and lets users find the exact result. But this feature only works on long-form content. Obviously, short blogs can’t have this feature because you scroll once, and the blogs get over.

This feature is useful when people don’t have the time or simply don’t want to read an entire blog. In such cases, offering them the exact information they want is an excellent way for your website to become more valuable.

We feel this feature is a major advantage of writing long-form content. You can even copy the website’s link, which, when anyone will open will go straight to the highlighted text. So, forget telling people manually to scroll and find a certain heading to read what they want.

You Can Get More Backlinks

As your website starts becoming popular and authority in a niche, you can assure yourself that it will start getting more backlinks. It is because when you’ve done a good job at explaining something in great detail, other websites will provide your link in their blogs so that their users can know more about a topic on your website.

Anyone who’s familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knows how crucial backlinks are. Without them, search engines like Google and Bing won’t be able to rank websites when someone searches for a query. Moreover, backlinks are an essential part of increasing a website’s Domain Authority (DA).

People go to extreme lengths to get backlinks. Some even resort to black hat SEO practices, which eventually get noticed and punished by search engines. So, if you can get backlinks by only writing excellent long-form content, you’d stay away from unethical practices and avoid the effort that goes into creating backlinks.

It Can Be Updated

The thing with long-form content is that it can be updated with time. Short blogs can’t because they talk to the point about a specific topic. We’ve written a blog on content repurposing, which will help you understand why updating existing content on your website is crucial.

Most websites that write long-form content don’t realize the treasure that is lying on their website, which can be updated at any time to cater to a new audience. You have to update the content because the people that came to know about you today won’t know what you wrote yesterday. This is another great reason to write long-form content.

Evergreen Content

Long-form content is evergreen content. And websites that write evergreen content always stay relevant. If we consider news websites, we can identify that their content will only be valuable for a limited time. After that time, the content won’t serve any purpose.

Some examples of evergreen content are:

No matter how much advancement we make, these are the topics that will also be relevant.


Some websites stay away from long-form content because they don’t know whether their effort into writing will be fruitful or not. We believe this is a big mistake they must avoid. When they stay away from things that can help them become more successful, it is nothing but foolishness.

We wrote this blog hoping people and businesses can know the benefits of long-form content and start writing it on their websites. The 8 reasons we discussed will help you consider this type of content. You’ll see significant improvements in your website’s performance after some time of doing it.