Quora has become a popular question-and-answer platform in recent times. The platform’s community appreciates knowledge on a wide variety of topics. There’s no restriction on who can access the platform. We assure you that once you land on Quora, you’ll learn something new and insightful.

In the above paragraph, we talked about Quora in general. Many people think that is all the platform is about. But, it is more versatile than it may seem to a first-time user. Not many people know that Quora is an excellent choice for businesses. Those who know are successfully marketing on the platform and driving traffic to their website.

You want to know how exactly that can happen after knowing Quora’s ability to impact businesses positively. In this article, we’ll tell you 8 reasons why you must consider Quora for marketing.

Let’s begin.

Excellent For Content Ideas

It’s pretty normal for you to run out of content ideas for blogs on your website. It can sometimes get even frustrating when you have a content calendar ready and can’t come up with any ideas. Your entire calendar will change if you don’t post on an intended day.

But there’s a simple solution to finding more content ideas. And it is Quora. With so much information available on the platform, you only have to type in a relevant keyword, and you’ll be presented with hundreds of questions. It’s the best practice to revolve your website’s content around users’ questions. That way, you won’t be writing just about anything but writing for people.

Search Results Crawl Quora

The good news for Quora users is that the answers you write on the platform can be seen in the search results when a user searches for a related keyword. It happens because Google and other search engines can crawl Quora.

After knowing that the platform is crawlable, brands and businesses can also benefit from it. They can start answering questions relevant to their field. Initially, the response may not be satisfactory, but you’ll start seeing a positive change when you start answering more questions.  

As a business, once your answers start getting attention, you can redirect users to your website.

Quora Is A Free Platform

Quora is an entirely free platform, meaning any business with any budget can use it. We feel this is an excellent option for companies that don’t want to spend on marketing because of the uncertainty.

Often, businesses don’t do any promotion because most platforms ask for some money (for ads). Though they can give you good visibility on the platform, there is no guarantee that you’d achieve success with it, meaning you’d have more traffic and increased conversions.

So, if a business knows it has the knowledge and can help people with it, Quora is the perfect platform for them. Once they start getting success with it and people start knowing them, they can shift to other paid marketing channels.

Lets You Know What’s In Trend

Quora stays up to date with the latest trends. As soon as something happens in any sector, you’ll surely see questions and answers related to it. Some years back, not many people knew about Quora. But because of its simple idea and use, people think of this platform when they want to ask some questions.

There is an entire section where you can see what’s trending. Based on the trending topics, you can tailor your website’s content, products, and services so that people know you stay up to date with what’s happening in the world.

You can share your point of view on the trending topics. And if your answers hold some value, people will notice them, and in a short time, you’ll start becoming popular for your opinions on things.

You Can Ask Questions Anonymously

Many businesses fear they’d damage their reputation by asking or answering questions. Answering questions is good, but they feel it does not make a good impression about their business when they have to ask them. We can assure you it won’t put a negative impression on users. But if you still feel it will, then we have an option for you.

You can ask questions anonymously on Quora. Yes, asking like this won’t reveal your identity and let you ask anything you want. They could range from questions about your company or what users really want from a business. The answers will help you know details that will help you make good decisions for your business.

So, from next time onwards, whenever you have questions, go anonymous on Quora and ask whatever you want without fearing it’d damage your reputation.

You Can Discover Opinions Of Experts

Many famous and influential people regularly answer questions on Quora. From Presidents to company owners, you can find all kinds of people on the platform. This quality of Quora ensures that you get experts’ opinions on all sorts of topics.

Moreover, the influential people are not only on Quora just for the sake of being on Quora. They actually answer questions and help people know the inside information about many things. Users on Quora are hungry for knowledge.

Furthermore, when you start commenting on such answers, you might get a response from the person who answered the question. Who knows, you may get to know the person well, and they may talk about your business with other people.

You Can Build Networks

In the last paragraph of the above point, we discussed how you might get a response from other people on Quora. That’s true. What’s even better is that you will build networks with other like-minded people.

You can come across those people when you write excellent answers that answer the query. Many people have become popular on Quora because of their ability to solve other peoples’ issues with simple answers. If you’re a business, we expect you have expertise in a field. You can start answering related questions, and soon you’ll become an authority that people would look up to.

And when you know more people, you’ll be able to ask them for help. Often, businesses don’t build networks and suffer when they need to get some work done. They have to search for required people all over the internet, but it’s difficult to find any.

You Can Improve Your Writing

Whether you’re a business or a regular person wanting to start a business, good writing will help you go a long way. It is because people want good information in return for their time spent online.

You can learn several things simply by reading or seeing videos about how they work. But writing is entirely different because you can’t become a better writer if you don’t write. It is a must, and you just cannot skip it.

But the real problem comes when you have to get other peoples’ opinions about your writing. It is not easy to get them when you don’t have a popular website that many people visit regularly. Quora will help you in that case, too, because it is already an established platform. Initially, you may not know how people on Quora like the content. But when you’re present for some time and constantly writing throughout that time, you’ll surely improve.

If you’re a Digital Marketing agency and want your content team to improve, you can ask them to create accounts on Quora and regularly answer questions. It will help them improve, and that improvement will be seen in the content of your website.


Marketing on Quora is different from Instagram and Facebook. You cannot directly do promotions here. You have to offer information because that’s the reason people use the platform. If you don’t and only promote your business, people will quickly know that you cannot be trusted because you’re misusing the platform.

It can be tricky to market on Quora. But once you know how to do it, you’ll become an expert in no time. The 8 reasons we shared for why you must consider Quora for marketing are sure to help you decide whether it’s the right platform for you or not.

If you still have doubts about whether Quora can bring results, you can check the brands and businesses that have been marketing on the platform for a while. When you see their results, you’ll have more reasons for marketing on Quora.