The success of your business depends on continually promoting your brand and an online presence of your products and services is essential for success. Today, the majority (+ 97%) of customers discover and evaluate product and service offers over the internet.

That is why digital marketing is not only essential for small businesses but also, efficient management of the strategy is crucial for their success. A client needs to have repeatedly seen your products or services so that he finally buys. Digital marketing enhances the visibility of your brand and generates more sales by concentrating efforts and budget only on the customer profile of your commercial sector. Let us call it targeting a specific type of client persona that is easy for digital marketing but too hard for traditional marketing.

With limited time, low budget, and ignorance in online advertising, the most urgent thing is to have a digital marketing strategy.

As an agency, a digital marketing strategy accompanies you at each stage of your digital transformation. Our business model allows you to grow in an orderly fashion and incorporate new tools as you achieve your goals; you will have a positive return on investment at each stage.

The basics that you need to know for creating a digital marketing strategy for your business are:

Know your audience

A common mistake is to think that everyone is a potential client of our business; a wide audience distances us from the added value that we offer as an SME.

Your strength is to find niches within that wide audience to be able to solve the needs and priorities, highlighting the aspects that differentiate you from the competition.

Understanding the motivations that contribute to the purchase allows us to use a convincing and resonant message in our advertising strategy, thus achieving the expected result.

Emphasize the value proposition

The competition will always be present, it is important to identify what makes us different from others, which makes us unique, or what we simply do better or at a lower cost. Highlighting our value proposition is the most convincing argument for us to be the purchase option.

Define key objectives and goals

New to digital marketing? There are infinities of strategies to follow to obtain the desired results. You must identify the weaknesses of your business in terms of digital visibility (website, social networks, email marketing, analytics, among others). Companies like Tabscap can help you in this process. We will generate a solution to increase your sales and attract new customers.

The magic of short-term goals

Setting short-term goals guarantees a quick return on investment, allowing the momentum and cash flow to invest in larger projects such as organic positioning (SEO).

Prioritise what works

Once your strategy has started, pay attention to the data, as it allows you to evaluate and identify what is working in your strategy and focus on dedicating budgets to these activities. We call them KPIs (key performing indicators)

Existing clients

On average, it costs five times more to attract a new customer than an existing one, so it is necessary to target people who have bought your products or availed of your services. It is called remarketing.

If they are happy with the product or service, you are giving them an excellent reason to buy again. Word of mouth is still a great free business-advertising tool.

If you need more advice on the digital marketing strategies that best suit your business, do not hesitate to consult Tabscap. We are looking forward to helping you grow your business!