YouTube is the most famous video-sharing social media platform. With over 2 billion-plus users in 2021, you can identify that a huge population prefers spending time on YouTube. The huge number is an opportunity for brands and businesses to market themselves. Many brands are already doing it and achieving great success.

If you’re a brand and want to grow on YouTube, reading this blog will help you know the tips to grow on YouTube. As we said in the beginning that YouTube is a social media platform. So, growing on the platform means you’ll be doing Social Media Marketing (SMM), meaning some things will be similar to how marketing is done on websites.

Now, let’s not waste any time and tell you 12 tips to grow on YouTube successfully.

Decide What You Want To Do On YouTube

The first thing you have to do is ask yourself whether you want only to promote your brand or share information with people, indirectly leading to your brand’s promotion.

Identifying your role & intentions is of utmost importance because it will help you stick to a plan. Without knowing your role, you might create a mess and confuse users. And that’s not what you want to do.

Once you start posting certain types of videos, users will know what you’re good at. Within a short time, you’ll become an authority in your niche.

Create High-Quality Videos

You’re on a video-sharing platform, and if your videos are not high-quality, it’ll be challenging to achieve desired results.

You may have seen all the top brands and businesses work on creating high-quality videos. And those who don’t can’t have many subscribers. A low-quality video can be disappointing and may result in dislikes.

When we say high-quality videos, we don’t only mean to work on the video. You also have to work on the audio. If you’ve sorted the video part, you can’t ignore the audio. YouTube will work in your favor when both audio and video are of high quality.

You have to invest in a good camera and mic. Now, don’t think you’ll be wasting money because a camera and mic will give you an excellent return in the future.  

Create A Catchy Title

A catchy title’s importance cannot be undermined. A title is important for blogs on websites, videos on YouTube, and anything that is targeted towards users. Obviously, the audience won't care about your brand when you don’t put your best foot forward. 

You have to create simple and crisp titles. Apart from that, you can create a FOMO effect. Thinking from a user’s perspective is the key. You can know what users prefer by checking YouTube’s trending section.

Write Detailed Descriptions

Descriptions serve the purpose of telling users what a video is about. It is necessary to give a video’s context before users watch it. If people don’t know what they’ll get after watching a video, why would they watch it?

For example, if you’re showcasing some product, you can include its details in the description. It will keep the video and the details separate. The next point we’ll tell you will clear any confusion about why writing detailed descriptions is necessary.

Use Relevant Keywords & Tags To Reach A Wider Audience

Keywords and Tags will increase the chances of your video reaching a wider audience. That’s because YouTube shows videos based on tags and keywords. When some user puts a query in the search bar, YouTube shows relevant videos with the same tags and keywords.

If you don’t include any keywords and tags in your video’s description, YouTube won’t know about your video. And if YouTube won’t know about your video, the users will be able to watch that video if they have the link.

The keywords and tags you use have to be based on the video and your brand’s niche.

Post Regularly

720,000 hours of video is uploaded per day on YouTube. It is because people who’ve been on the platform for a while know the importance of posting videos regularly. It helps increase a page’s subscriber count and engagement. And that is exactly what you want for your brand.

To become successful on YouTube, you have to post regularly. Otherwise, users will think that your channel is dead and may unsubscribe. To avoid this from happening, start posting regularly.

Create a schedule and work on it. A simple schedule is to post two videos in a week. Moreover, you can convey to your users that you’ll be posting on which days, which will help build anticipation.

Engage With Users Through Comments

After watching videos on your channel, users will share their views and opinions in the comments. People who’ve been on YouTube for some time will tell you that comments are the goldmine of the platform. They say it because comments can tell you a lot about your brand and the audience.

As a brand, you want to grow, and for that, you’ll have to start reading and replying to comments. When you do it, users know that you consider their opinion. Moreover, you may find some useful feedback in the comments. If you don’t want to reply to every comment, you can like some of them, which will help users know that you read their comments. You can also include CTA (Call-To-Action) in the comments.

Work On Thumbnail Of Your Videos

We discussed in a point above how the title of a video is important because that’s the first thing a user sees. Another thing that users first see is the thumbnail.

Thumbnail is an image shown to users. The image is related to the video. In the past, YouTube chose an automatic thumbnail from the video. But now, you can create attractive graphics and write text or anything fancy you can think of in the thumbnail.  

An attractive thumbnail increases the chance of a video getting clicked. Even if your video is top-notch, but your thumbnail doesn’t appeal to users, your video won’t get many views.

Provide Link To Other Videos Of Your Channel

When a YouTube video ends, you may have seen thumbnails in the form of links placed anywhere on the video. When you click on any of the thumbnails, you’re redirected to a video. That’s internal linking on YouTube.

You may know how vital internal linking is for a website because it helps increase traffic on all pages and makes it easier for users to navigate. Similarly, providing links to other videos after a video ends is an excellent way to get more views and subscribers.

You can also provide links to other videos in the description. So, choose whichever option works best for you.

Collaborate With Other Channels

Once your channel gains some momentum, you can start approaching other channels on YouTube so you can collaborate.

When you collaborate, you get to know more about the channel you’re collaborating with. You get to share information, and you can also gain subscribers from the other channel. Collaborations will help people know that you have a friendly relation with other YouTube channels.

But make sure the collaborations you do are related to your channel. You want to look for channels that have the same niche as yours.

Use TimeStamps

Your YouTube videos are effective when you divide them into sections- introduction, the main content, and the conclusion. The users who’ll be watching your video for the first time won’t know at which duration they’ll find what information.

You have to work on making it easy for users to watch what’s relevant for them. For that, you’ll have to start including timestamps in the description or in the comments. Including timestamps will save users a lot of time and only check what’s relevant.

When you save users’ time on YouTube, they’ll more likely start visiting your channel regularly.

Ask Viewers What They Want

The purpose of creating a YouTube channel is to make your brand famous. The audience you have on the platform will directly indicate how many people know about your brand. It means users are the most crucial aspect of your YouTube journey.

So, you have to start making content for them. But how will you know which content they want? It’s easy. You have to ask them directly in the comments, polls, or videos. When you follow this practice, your users will know that you don’t have everything pre-planned and are flexible to new ideas. 

The videos you create based on users’ opinions will succeed because you’re creating content that your audience wants. You’ll get more subscribers, likes, comments, and shares.


Succeeding on YouTube can seem challenging at first. It can even look impossible because of the tough competition. But, becoming a successful channel is not that hard. Most people and brands fail because they don’t know the tips that make a huge difference.

You can run all you want, but if you don’t run in the right direction, you’ll never succeed. There are several examples of brands that have been on YouTube for many years and are still not famous. In contrast, some brands are relatively new and are making serious waves on the platform. The difference is the knowledge of the platform, what works and what doesn’t.

There’s no magic wand that any channel on YouTube can use. You have to work hard in the right direction. So, start following these 12 tips to grow on YouTube successfully.